WLR Fest



This year from May 31st to June 8th, the Sikh Activist Network will launch the first ever When Lions Roar Festival.

With a week of events the community will interact with the history of 1984 through music, art and knowledge during a series of events including art gallery’s, seminars, and more.

The grand finale of the Festival will be celebrated with the When Lions Roar Concert, a night of expression and music that has brought over a thousand youth together each year since 2009.

This When Lions Roar Festival stands as testament to our unbroken spirit, that despite the June 1984 Genocide,  we still stand tall and strong.

Join us in not only commemorating our losses, but in celebrating our  spirit.


COMMUNITY LAUNCH | May 10 | 6-8PM | Chinguacousy Park Ski Chalet
Official announcement of the WLR festival. Come out and learn how to get involved!

OPENING GALA | May 31st | 6-9PM | PAMA Art Gallery
Showcasing Sikh visual artists (i.e. paintings, sculptures, artwork, films, photographs, etc.)

COMMUNITY PICNIC | Saturday, June 1st | 2PM | El Dorado Park: 
A picnic to engage community members in outdoor activities with artists, volunteers and organizers for WLR

YOUTH CONFERENCE| Sunday, June 2nd | 1-4PM | Sheridan College Davis Campus: 
A Panel discussion regarding the 1984 attacks and it effects today

YOUTH KEERTAN | Friday, June 7th | 7-9PM | Dixie Gurdwara Hall 5: 
A chance to spiritually connect and meditate in remembrance of the victims of 1984

WHEN LIONS ROAR | Saturday, June 8th | 6PM-9PM | Dreams Convention Centre: 
The largest Sikh community concert in North America featuring artists from across the globe!

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