Wikileaks: Congress Party competed to shed more Sikh Blood | Part 3

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Wikileaks still exists folks!  And, so do leaks on the 1984 Sikh Genocide.

In the most recent leak, cables from the US Diplomatic channels in the Delhi Consulate have uncovered a leak on the role of a Indian Congress Politician in the 1984 Sikh Genocide.

Below, we have attempted to illuminate some important excerpts from the leaks followed by the full cable.



  • On March 12, a Delhi court slammed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for not progressing on the case regarding Jagdish Tytler.  The Chief Metropolitan Magistrate said “The attitude of the CBI is very strange… They should bring the guilty to book and not shield them”.
  • The Nanavati Commission’s original investigation into Tytler during the riots found “credible evidence” that he played a role in organizing the genocide.
  • Jagdish Tytler played a particularly grotesque role, competing with local Congress Party leaders to see which wards could shed more Sikh blood (ref A).
  • It is clear from the CBI’s actions that it is seeking to stall, delay and further drag out this 23-year old case. Some believe that it is doing the bidding of its current masters in the Congress Party for whom the party’s role in 1984 riots is highly embarrassing and they would like nothing better than to push the Tytler case under the rug for another 23 years.





E.O. 12958: N/A

     B. 07 DELHI 5830
     C. KOLKATA 88
     D. KOLKATA 80 

1.  (U) Below is a compilation of political highlights from
Embassy New Delhi for March 10-14, 2008 that did not feature
in our other reporting: 

-- The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Changes His Story
-- CBI Has Nothing to Show for its Tytler Enquiry
-- Supreme Court Avoids Meddling in Politics
-- Himachal Proposes Pre-Marital AIDS Tests
-- Women's Empowerment in BJP-Ruled Uttarkhand 

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Changes His Story

2.  (U) On March 7, Kashmir Singh, who was recently released
from a Pakistani prison after having served 35 years (ref A),
admitted that he was a spy for Indian military intelligence
but a day later changed his story.  The admission of being a
spy was made at a press conference in Chandigarh.  He stated
"I was paid Rs. 400 as per duty, I went to serve
the country."  He did not discuss who controlled his
operations or how he originally entered Pakistan, but that he
changed his looks to appear Muslim.  Singh also claims that
he speaks Persian, Urdu and Arabic and his duty took him to
Afghanistan and Iran as well.  Singh explained how he
"deplores" the successive Indian governments because they did
not give his family any compensation nor try to secure his
release.  The Punjab Chief Minister has recently announced a
monthly pension of Rs. 10,000 (USD 250) for him and his wife.
On March 8, in a complete reversal, Singh told the Press
Trust of India (PTI), that his previous statement was false
and distorted by the media.  Singh told PTI, "I did not give
the statement of my being a spy" and "there was no pressure
on me to withdraw the statement." 

3.  (SBU) Clearly, somebody in the Indian military or
security agencies had a talk with him to advise him to keep
the sensitive issue from the past under wraps.  The Kashmir
Singh flip-flop does not bode well for other prisoners on
both sides.  Release of prisoners comes with a down side for
the military/security agencies of the countries of returning
prisoner.  Many of these prisoners are privy to sensitive
matters that authorities would rather keep out of the media.
Many accused spies continue to languish in Indian and
Pakistani jails, and Kashmir Singh has made it harder for
them.  End Comment. 

CBI Has Nothing to Show for its Tytler Enquiry

4.  (U) On March 12, a Delhi city court slammed the Central
Bureau of Investigations (CBI) for not submitting a status
report on progress in the Jagdish Tytler case.  Three months
ago, the court had ordered the CBI to re-investigate the role
of Congress Party member Jagdish Tytler in the 1984 anti-Sikh
riots (ref A).  In the March 12 hearing in his court, the
Chief Metropolitan Magistrate rebuked the GOI agency, saying
"The attitude of the CBI is very strange...They should bring
the guilty to book and not shield them."  The CBI had asked
the court for more time because some issues were sub-judice
in the Delhi High Court.  After the castigation, the CBI
pledged to file the status report within a week. 

5.  (U) The CBI had closed the case against Tytler in
September 2007, claiming it could not trace a key witness.
The Delhi city court had ordered the case reopened in
December 2007 after the witness, now living in the United
States, emerged and readily agreed to testify that he had
overheard and saw Tytler inciting and leading murderous mobs
in North Delhi during the riots.  The Nanavati Commission's
original investigation into Tytler during the riots found 

NEW DELHI 00000790  002 OF 003 

"credible evidence" that he played a role in organizing the
communal attacks. 

6.  (SBU) Comment: During the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, Jagdish
Tytler played a particularly grotesque role, competing with
local Congress Party leaders to see which wards could shed
more Sikh blood (ref A).  It is clear from the CBI's actions
that it is seeking to stall, delay and further drag out this
23-year old case.  Some believe that it is doing the bidding
of its current masters in the Congress Party for whom the
party's role in 1984 riots is highly embarrassing and they
would like nothing better than to push the Tytler case under
the rug for another 23 years. 

Supreme Court Avoids Meddling in Politics

7.  (U) The Supreme Court declined to intercede in the
political process underway for formation of a new government
in India's northeast state of Meghalaya, where elections were
held on March 3 and results announced on March 7 (ref C,D).
In responding March 12 to a petition filed by the Meghalaya
Progressive Alliance (MPA), the court said it saw no "extreme
circumstances" that would warrant its interference in the
state Governor's decision to invite the Congress Party to
form the government and test its strength on the floor of the
house within 10 days. The Congress Party is the largest party
in the new assembly with 25 seats but falls short of a
majority in the 60 member assembly. The MPA coalition has a
majority with 31 seats in the legislature. The counsel for
the MPA accused the state Governor of throwing "all
democratic norms to the wind" by giving the first shot at
forming the government to the Congress Party despite the MPA
having paraded its 31 members before the Governor. But the
court was not buying it, with one of the justices asking: "If
you have got a solid 31 members, why do you worry?" 

8.  (SBU) Comment: The MPA worries because horse-trading -
changing alliances and switching parties - is a common
practice in India's political system, especially in small
states with multiple parties with only a few seats each. The
MPA is clearly concerned that once the Congress Party is in
power, it will be able to use promises of office to induce
some members from the MPA coalition to switch sides and allow
the forge a ruling majority. 

9.  (SBU) The Supreme Court's decision to refuse to be drawn
into the issue is significant. Indian courts have in the past
not hesitated to jump into areas more properly the
responsibility of the legislature or the executive. Some
Supreme Court justices have in recent months cautioned the
judiciary about its activism and some legislators have
complained about judicial encroachment. In responding to a
request from the MPA counsel that the court reduce the 10
days given to the Congress Party to prove its strength on the
floor of Meghalaya assembly, one justice responded: Only the
Governor has the power (to do that) ... We cannot regulate
the proceedings of the house unless there are extreme
circumstances." The Supreme Court appears to be sending down
a signal of judicial restraint, at least for now. 

Himachal Proposes Pre-Marital AIDS Tests

10.  (U) The BJP chief minister of Himachal Pradesh (HP),
Prem Kumar Dhumal, this week announced the state government
would encourage pre-marital AIDS tests as a means of boosting
awareness in a state with 2,622 confirmed cases of HIV, 60%
of them women who likely contracted the virus from their
husbands. He also suggested converting the state's anganwari
centers (community centers for educating women and girls
about health and nutrition) into Red Ribbon centers,
especially in high-AIDS-risk industrial areas. Locally active
AIDS-related NGOs that work with the government in the state
reacted positively to the idea of pre-marital testing, but 

NEW DELHI 00000790  003 OF 003 

questioned its effectiveness, given previous government
programs' limited success at raising awareness. 

11.  (U) The rise of HIV occurrence in India will impact the
overall spread of HIV in Asia and around the world. India is
second only to South Africa in terms of the overall number of
people living with the disease. 

12.  (U) Comment: Voluntary HIV/AIDS testing will likely not
inspire the majority of HP residents to do the needful before
their nuptials. NGOs claim that, to date, government
intervention has not been effective. However, as little as
five years ago, HIV/AIDS was widely regarded as too taboo to
broach in polite circles. Therefore, any GOI effort to raise
awareness and encourage testing is a welcome step in the
right direction to battle this dreaded disease. While Dhumal
is the first State Minister to suggest pre-marital HIV/AIDS
testing, the Central Government also periodically floats the
idea to little public resonance or reaction. 

Women's Empowerment in BJP-Ruled Uttarkhand

13.  (U) In an important step for empowerment of women, the
small northern state of Uttarkhand enacted legislation on
March 12 to reserve 50 percent of the seats in local
government (panchayats) for women.  With this measure,
Uttarkhand joins Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar
as states which have set aside half the panchayat slots for
women.  NGOs in the state welcomed the move, with one saying
that "It is a big step." 

14.  (SBU) The Panchayat election in the Uttarkhand are due
in May.  The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government
obviously believes this measure will help it appeal to the
women's vote in these elections.  It also is probably not
lost on the local BJP party that in at least eight out the
state's thirteen districts women outnumber men.  The
Uttarkhand initiative is consistent with a strategy adopted
by the BJP recently to target the women vote nationally.  The
party has reserved 33 percent of the slots in the party
organization for women.  All the states with a 50 percent
quota for women in panchayats are BJP-ruled (in Bihar the BJP
is a part of the ruling coalition.)


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  1. MISS KAUR August 29, 2011 at 3:18 am

    this is so disturbing, politicians were competing to see which ward will shed the most sikh blood? that is very disgusting but it doesn’t surprise me, india is a corrupt and barbaric place, and the whole world should know the truth about it.

    this new evidence should be in every punjabi newspaper to help spread awareness within the punjabi community

  2. Siddharth August 29, 2011 at 11:34 am

    This should published in every news paper and all of India should know about the people who were behind this terrible genocide. May Truth Triumph.

  3. Kaur87 August 31, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    I agree with the other two posts.. this should be made public!!! Not just in India but worldwide.. It’s time to wake up and tell everyone what actually happened and the injustice towards Sikhs then and still in the present day!!!

  4. Anonymous August 31, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    This is disgusting, this shows the level of corruption in indian. A land built on lies and hypocrisy. This should be published in the newspapers!!! Disgusting, disturbing and sick!!

  5. MISS KAUR September 1, 2011 at 6:46 am

    Letter to everyone on sikh activist and to whoever may be reading this…

    yes this is disgusting, unfortunately india is a barbaric land ruled by a few corrupt people and hindu fundamentalists who think they know what’s right and wrong and who think sikhs are terrorists…

    Sikhs here in Canada protested against the death sentence given to Devinder Singh Bhullar, but as long as the majority in India continue to propagate, believe propaganda, control the media, control peoples thoughts, have support from the indian government and intelligence, Sikhs in iNDIA WILL NEVER BE FREE AND WILL NEVER RECEIEVE ANY JUSTICE, IT IS SIMPLY HOPELESS!!

    Recently, the evil government of India refused the Sikh anad karaJ (marriage act)…just another BIG SLAP IN THE FACE from the so called “nation” that promised SIKHS THE GLORY OF FREEDOM, its more like the NOOSE IS STILL AROUND THE NECK OF SIKHS in this barbaric land called INDIA (I-INSANITY, N–NEVER EXISTED–D–DIRTY–I–ILLEGAL–A–ARROGANT)…india is iNSANE, home to the world’s largest poor, NEVER-EXISTED (or imaginary) this place has only been a “country” since 1947, the British basically created pakistan and india and greedy nehru who wanted his hands on power so badly mistreated JINNAH, who then joined the Muslim-league and advocated for Pakistan for muslims because he knew brahmins would rule and islam would be mistreated by majority hindus, so nehru played a big role in the creation of pakistan and the division of PUNJAB…THE D IS FOR DIRTY—WE all know india is dirty as hell and over populated and disgustingly polluted but worse of all its full of dirty souls like badal, tytler, kps gill, bhajan lal, modi, kamal nath, etc., etc, the list is never ending… and lastly, the A (can someone think of a better word then arrogant)…well, most indians are simply arrogant, they know nothing about one another, the dalits are so diverse and know nothing about dalits from other regions whereas the brahmins discriminate against dalits and they all think their superior then this caste then that caste think they superior then the same caste from a different region, etc. etc., the gujus don’t know much about sikhism, the sikhs don;t know much about jains, or bengalis all think they the most cultured and are better then others, etc. etc., due to all these vast differences in ideologies, beliefs, morals, linguistically, cultures, ethics, etc., india will always have many many many many problems



  6. MISS KAUR September 1, 2011 at 6:58 am

    (sorry letter was not finished, this part should be added)

    or maybe the A can stand for AIDS…cuz thats what inDIA IS GONNA GIVE TO THE WORLD IF THEY DON’T START EDUCATING PEOPLE, PROVIDING HEALTH CARE, ETC., after south africa, india has the most HIV POSITIVE population and more and more “youngsters” in india are having unprotected intercourse and this is going to increase the occurrence of aids not only in india, but around the world, so while india loves to brag about its millionaires and bollywood baloney, can you guys talk about preventing diseases such as AIDS? cuz india from what i remember you still very far away from being a “developed” nation, so keep on dreaming from the slums of india that india is going to become the most powerful nation in the world sometime soon…umm how about you deal with some serious issues before you start dreaming big, mother india, and please mother india start caring about your children, start feeding them and stop giving them aids

  7. Bhagat Singh November 27, 2011 at 1:58 am

    Bhagat Singh says: “miss kaur get a life”

  8. MISS KAUR December 4, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    nice name BHAGAT SINGH! lol…would you tell the REAL shaheed bhagat singh to get a life when he criticized the colonizers and the corrupt brown officials who sided with them?

    i do have a life, and the more i criticize one of the poorest and most corrupt nation’s in the world, i feel like my life becomes more meaningful

    for some people like you the truth just hurts

  9. MISS KAUR December 4, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    my mind is not a slave to anyone

  10. Mr Singh October 19, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    Bhagat Singh you should change your name , you are no Bhagat Singh

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