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VOTE | The Cancer Train | Kes | The Warrior Princess

We are pleased to announce that long standing activist andorganizer of The Sikh Activist Network’s, Kiran Kaur is participating in Sikhnet’s online film contest. Along with helping to organize many of our events, Kiran has been pivotal in developing the production and direction of many of our films and promotional videos!

Check out her work below, and if you like what you see, be sure to vote.

Don’t forget to always support local, grassroots talent! Choose a video, whether or Kiran or another beautifully talented Sikh activist and let’s keep building, fostering and encouraging our community!




‘Kes’ showcases various Sikh women on their own unique journey in Sikhi. It allows Sikh women to feel empowered about the diversity of their appearance regardless of societal pressures they constantly face from all corners. The film gives a different perspective of what our Kes means to us. It also integrates the western culture of self-expression through fashion and art. Rupi Kaur, a spoken word artist from Toronto performs a poem in the background to explain the idea of a sisterhood where we can openly discuss what it means to be a Kaur. It is a powerful piece that showers acceptance on all and hopes to create a sisterhood full of love.




‘The Cancer Train’ showcases Rupi Kaur up front, discussing the cancer crisis in Punjab. The reason this piece is so valuable to women is because Rupi expresses herself through an art form that is so heavily male dominated within our community. We want to empower other women to share their creative work, and make bold female expression in our community the new norm. The film takes the audience through a woman’s emotional journey of dealing with her father’s cancer. It is raw and gut wrenching. The simplicity of the film allows the audience to immerse themselves into her words and wrap themselves with pure emotion (Rupi actually performed this piece at the When Lions Roar festival this year and had the entire audience in tears!).




‘The Warrior Empress’ shows four radiant women performing the Sikh Martial Art of Gatka. There is nothing more powerful than watching Sikh women in their most natural state. The film was made to show viewers how strong and resilient women in the Khalsa Panth truly are. Some may feel intimidated to take up a sport of art that is seen to be heavily male dominated, so the film works to break that stereotype and bring back the culture of the warrior empress that is in us all.


For more of Kiran & Rupi’s work:


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