A Sant’s Gift

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A Sant’s Gift

The controversy surrounding whether he  is alive or not, to attach the word shaheed to his name or not too, are all merely distractions.  As many promise to spend the day updating facebook statuses and tweeting about his birthday and/or arguing about whether he is shaheed or not, good or bad – what many have forgotten is that the struggle against injustice, and aspirations for freedom are not contingent upon one man, or his return.

Rather, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s ambition was to inspire a generation, to evoke an urgency for freedom and attached to this urgency a spirituality that would guide the coming revolution.

He is credited for telling the masses:

If we speak to someone with hatred and try to assert our superiority, it will create hatred in the minds of everyone. So long as we have the spirit of love…is there any power on earth that can subdue us?

In essence, today, as we celebrate Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s Birthday, we should remember this, and understand that what was built via the masses a movement to reignite a passion for Sikh Spirituality and the Struggle against injustice, which would  last more than a lifetime, out live one man and continue even while some may await a prophetic return.

Today, February 12th, 2012 marks Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s Birthday and as some celebrate and take a moment to reflect, it is important to take away one key lesson.  With his return or without it, shaheed or not shaheed, good or bad the legacy of popular resistance lives on.  Sant Bhindranwale left us with a gift that gives us no excuse to await his return, a gift, which at it’s root is an understanding of what Sikhi  is.  That Sikhi, can empower us all to be what we have understood him to be – we are all capable of being leaders.

Happy Birthday To the Panth…


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  1. MISS KAUR February 13, 2012 at 3:38 am

    i know i shouldn’t say this right now but the people who think he is alive and coming back are ridiculous…i think the government purposely helped create such rumours and they were very secretive during the attack because the longer it took for the community to realize his martyrdom, the better it was for the government of india…they would rather have the community divided over issues of whether or not he is alive or whether or not he deserves the “shaheed” title….HELL ya he does!

    the battle for JUSTICE is far from over and everyone here’s another reason why….

    the few people (about 15) who were actually arrested and imprisoned for the delhi genocide of Sikhs in 1984 HAVE ALL BEEN ACQUITTED!!!

    they are free….men who stabbed Sikhs to death are let free, while Professor Bhullar and Daljit singh, as well as other innocent sikhs, are still in jail or even waiting for the death penalty

    happy birthday sant jarnail singh khalsa bhindranwale…to bad most of the sikhs today don’t care about humanity, they have become self absorbed, selfish, greedy, desperate to get out of punjab and make money anyway they can, they don’t give a damn about religion, their culture, language, heritage, history, morality, etc….

    most of india is barbaric….everything sant jarnail said was TRUE, he spoke the truth, indira couldn’t handle the truth thats why she stated that she didn’t give a damn if all of amritsar was bombed, she wanted bhindranwale dead!!!

    well indira, the most evilest woman to have ever existed in this planet, his memory will always live on and those minority of Sikhs who remember him and give a DAMN i salute you!

  2. Amandeep Singh February 13, 2012 at 6:23 am

    You are right. Many or most of us go behind the shell and forget about the nut.

  3. MISS KAUR February 13, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    as always haters love to comment on this site

    people who sit around all day and worship bollywood and celebrities are NUTS

    the people of india are nuts and live in barbaric conditions

  4. Rav Singh February 15, 2012 at 2:39 am

    Initially he was a stooge for I. Gandhi. He made a mistake and realized what she was upto. He stood fast against the tyranny of Delhi as he worked hard to let people know what was going on. Sikhs were asleep while the Gov’t machinery worked hard to take away what was due to the people of Punjab. He talked the talk and walked the walk. He lost his life in the battle against Delhi. He had a choice to run like many corrupt politicians/religious leaders do, but he took everything Indira Gandhi threw at him and in addition innocents were killed in the process. He did aggrevate Delhi but he was not responsible for Indira’s actions. She could have been diplomatic, but she made her intentions clear and wanted to teach all Sikhs a lesson. And what a lesson it was. Not many can do what this man did. His interviews are found across YouTube- I. Gandhi was not able to silence him as his message lives on in cyberspace.

  5. MISS KAUR February 15, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    a stooge?

    initially he was a stooge?

    innocents were not killed by ACCIDENT and innocents were killed before june 1984 and before sant jarnail singh ever became “famous”

    will you blame what happened after indira gandhi on him as well?

    like he said, if a cat dies in punjab, blame it on him. if you wanna play the blame game, “he was a stooge, he was a puppet, he was part of congress plan, etc. etc., etc, GO AHEAD!! ive heard all of them

    but your just wasting your time and continuing to spread rumours and helping the indian government discredit and defame the man they feared so much that they had to send an entire army to kill him and his movement for justice!!

    the STOOGES are the people of INDIA who live in an illusion, who’s country was created overnight by the British, who’s country smells like S**t but their so proud of their bharat mata, whos country has MORE poor people then all of the poorest african countries combined, but they will still wave that flag and parade around and dance on the streets and be proud to be an “INDIAN”..whatever the heck that means i dunno

  6. MISS KAUR February 15, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    after indira gandhi died** (mass killings of sikhs)

  7. Baljit Singh February 16, 2012 at 12:05 am

    @Rav this is a common misconception re Santji was
    Initially a stooge of the congress govt. Have you ever found any evidence to support this claim? Because I have never been able to. Ever since coming onto the scene he preached passionately against any injustices committed by the congress govt, what kind of stooge raises a nation against the congress govt?
    He supported the 1978 Anandpur Sahib resolution against the congress govt, and the subsequent dharam yudh morchay in the 80s, when did he do his congress agent work?

  8. Sikh Comics February 17, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    A true Sikh who worked tirelessly for the panth.

  9. Rav Singh February 28, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    Miss Kaur- I humbly request you read exactly what I had written. I did not state ” Accidently” but “innocents were killed in the process”. Many people were killed in the crossfire. They were targeted intentionally but were not part of this movement.
    If you please read the entire context of my discussion- I state that he initially worked with the Congress but REALIZED what they actually were. My discussion supports him. Please read instead of writing an objection angrily concentrating on “puppet” “stooge” “bollywood”.
    If you understand “He talked the talk and walked the walk. He lost his life in the battle against Delhi. He had a choice to run like many corrupt politicians/religious leaders do, but he took everything Indira Gandhi threw at him “. It supports him and does not denigrate him.
    Thank you

  10. Rav Singh February 28, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    1980-“Bhindranwale campaigned actively for Congress in three constituencies’ during the general elections”.
    I have read many pieces where he supported the Congress and their candidates in elections and intially recevied support by Gandhi. As he became very popular- Akali leaders/SPGC despised him and sided against him.
    I find it very interesting that he initially sided with the congress but then found that the very forces he was siding with were using political manipulations and mischievous designs to destroy the Sikh faith and exterminate the Sikhs.
    Whatever the association- the outcome of all this was the identification of the plans by Congress to persecute the Sikhs in order to rally the Hindu’s for votes.
    Watch the movie ” Wag the Dog” . Although the movie shows a fictious war, it does show the political machinery involved in getting voters behind a failing leadership.
    The whole confrontation between Gandhi and Sant Bhindrawale involves many years of agitation and suffering in order for Sikhs to receive what was due at independance time.
    What was so sad that our own people are our own worst enemies. Similar to what happened during the Ango-Sikh wars 1&2. Various factions that were hungry for political power made underhand negotiations and betrayed the pro- Sikh movement/Sikh Kingdom. Before it was the British, and now the Congress. Almost all the Akali leaders betrayed the Sikhs and Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale for their selfish ends and had secret meetings with representatives of Mrs.Indira Gandhi. They reached a secret understanding with her; they would not stand in her way if she used armed forces to attack Golden Temple complex and destroy Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his associates. All that they wanted in return were minister and chief minister positions for themselves.

  11. Rav Singh February 28, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    In addition, “people of india” are barbaric ?
    I humbly request to labelling of the people of India as “barbaric”.They carry the same
    light of God in them that is in all of us. The “ego” is what prevents them from recognizing we are and our potential in this life.
    Unfortunately, we are into labelling others just to make our point.
    The west is labelling Muslims as ” Terrorists”
    The Muslims label the west as “infidels”
    Etc etc.
    People of India are our brothers and sisters. The whole world is our family.
    Many people are suffering daily and are not engaged in the political process of the rich and wealthy. The enemies are the corrupt political forces that pit communities against each other.

    SGGS Page 903
    “You have no compassion; the Lord`s Light does not shine in you.
    You are drowned, drowned in worldly entanglements”

  12. Anonymous February 28, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    uhm.. FYI: Sant ji was born on June 2nd 1947, NOT feb. 12th

    proof? his son Ishar Singh says so himself in the following article:

    moreover,this fact is confirmed by elders at rode, Sant ji’s village

    oh and to miss kaur’s comment regarding “indians as barbaric”, I agree with rav singh that you should be considerate of the fact that God resides in all. Instead of going against the people, go against the gov’t for crying out loud. its the gov’t thats barbaric, not the ppl!

    bhul chuk maf karni,

  13. Anonymous February 28, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    rav singh,
    the problem with the claim that “Sant ji was a congressman” is that not a single media outlet during the late 70s and early 80s mention this, even briefly. I suggest looking into the archives on google news. you’ll find news about killings and what not, but you’ll never see any reference to this claim, at least I haven’t been able to find it yet. Even Mark Jeurgensmeyer, an academic who was in punjab at the time, never describes Bhindranwale as so in his works, despite the fact that he is critical of Bhindranwale.

    now in one of his speeches, Sant ji does state that certain individuals have accused him of being a congress agent because he had been present at a ceremony where there were congressmen. However, Sant ji responded by using akali leader badal’s case, whereby Badal’s daughter at the time was also married to a congressman, yet no such accusation was levelled at badal.

    the only time where I do find references stating bhindranwale was a congressman, was in the 2010 documentary “1984: a sikh story”. this was said by mark tully, who apparently changes his story every time, when describing his meeting with Bhindranwale.

  14. Rav Singh February 29, 2012 at 5:09 am

    Anonymous- You might be right. I could have read something about Sant ji being a part of the Congress movement- but in fact it could be wrong. The important thing is his message and his example. He lived the message and gave us an example which he paid dearly for with his life. He was a true inspiration to the masses. Many turned back to Sikhi including my father. I later followed and kept my kesh in the late 80’s.
    Since 1984, we have been without any leader that could match the caliber of Sant Bhindrawale.

  15. MISS KAUR February 29, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    the people in india, who vote for leaders, who support leaders, who kill for leaders, yes the government is obviously messed up, but the people have accepted the barbaric conditions, they have failed to unite and revolutionize

    im not saying that GOD does not reside in the people of India….

    yes in religion and democratic societies people should be treated equally but the REALITY of india is that not all humans are treated equally, as a matter of fact, humans are treated worse than cows, and what happened to Sikhs after indira gandhi was assassinated is a prime example since bodies of sikhs were either left on the streets for stray dogs to eat or later thrown into dump trucks and cremated in massive piles….

    tanks were brought to one of the most beautiful places on earth and the majority during that time thought it was necessary and were proud of their mother indira for her move….”indians” killed other indians in the name of “national” security

    welcome to india….

    and i am not sorry for offending people with the term “barbarism”

    child trafficking, no toilets, people forced to drink disgusting water, no law and order, massive corruption, more poor people than all of the poorest African countries combined, people eating rats, murderers sitting in parliament, murderess being released from jail but innocent imprisoned, horrible slum conditions, lack of access to basic needs, the killing of the maoist in remote areas, the killing of kashmiris by indian forces, the rape of women by the police, the abuse, the hate, the lack of sympathy, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

    god might has created many “religions” that stem from the indian subcontinent, but if religion was actually followed by these people, the country would not have as many “barbaric” conditions as it does today

    gosh i dont understand why people get so offended when the term barbaric is used to describe India…this isn’t a debate about race or who’s “superior”, this is about a COUNTRY that HAS FAILED!!!

    and you fools can keep on debating your nonsense about sant bhindranwale and his involvement with the congress…have fun wasting your time

  16. jasmitsingh March 2, 2012 at 12:11 am

    @rav singh
    the truth is that sant Jarnail Singh Ji did side with the congress party but it was not because he because he was some sort of bought agent or some thing truth is he sided with a lady that was in the elections she had helped many sikhs before i forgot her name now so im sorry.then people started saying thing like your apart of the congress and not akali(aparent sikh party) and then sant ji said openly in one of his speeches “if the congress party will help the sikhs then i am congress” you guys are looking at the small details not the big picture sant ji sided with the lady because she was helping sikhs. it doesnt matter weather akali or congress it matters who is helping us come to think of it just how much has the akali party helped just look now at their leader badhal whats he doing to support us and now whats the congress doing nothing. anyways if i said something incorrect please correct me i dont intend on extending this argument by saying something wrong so please just let me know if i made mistakes

  17. Rav Singh March 4, 2012 at 12:45 am

    Anonymous/Jasmit- Thanks for the clarification.
    Like Jasmit said- The important thing was the example he set for us. He opened our eyes to the corrupt congress and their agenda against Sikhs. Since then, we have been very suspicious of the government.

  18. Rav Singh March 4, 2012 at 12:50 am

    “and you fools can keep on debating your nonsense about sant bhindranwale and his involvement with the congress…have fun wasting your time”
    Fools ? I am sorry but I think Anonymous and Jasmit are not fools since they know how to discuss their views in a civilized manner.
    I think a more pressing issue today is the unemployment, alcoholism and drug use in Punjab. People are moving away from Sikhi and towards the temporary pleasures that are substance use. They only offer a few minutes of pleasure and escape yet people have no knowledge of the bliss associated with Naam Simran.

  19. Rana Yugeshwar Singh March 27, 2012 at 4:00 am

    Im sure everyone here has also heard Jarnail Singh say “hindus are sheeps and goats”. There is a stark difference between Guru Nanakji saying “hindus are blind, and muslims are one-eyed”. These two quotes were said in two completely different contexts and completely different connotations and meanings. Ignorant mobs should not be assigned the title of “hindu” when they commit genocide in the streets of delhi, as my family actually saved some sikh youth from punjab police and there were some hindu families who saved sikhs in delhi as well. There are so many other problems that are related to Jarnail Singh, such as his lack of knowledge of capitalist economics. Punjab was an agricultural state in the 80s and still pretty much is but a lot has changed in the economy since then. The problem of the waters of punjab has nothing to do with sikhs. Punjab is a part of India. And if you want to talk about human rights then why is access to water not a human right? Do other people in india not have the right to access punjabs waters? And do you forget about the biharis who are migrant laborers who are treated like shit by punjabi farmers? Do you forget how low the wages are that punjabi farmers pay to biharis? Punjabi farmers can only get a profit off their produce by employing cheap labor which is deprived of its means of subsistence. So does that mean that sikhs are now exploiting hindus? This is not about religion. Punjabs economy is necessarily exploited not because it consists of sikhs but because if consists of farmers and farmers are the first people in the economic food chain. They produce food which goes to the wholesale then to the retailer. Farmers are always exploited within a capitalist economy. The very possibility of profit in the food industry is based on the exploitation of farmers, this has nothing to do with sikhs. My family is hindu and were farmers, do you think the government is trying to kill hindus too now? Its economics and power. The state has to remove all threats to its existence regardless of caste color creed and religion etc. Also, the akali dal was what supported the whole divide of punjab according to linguistics and they wanted hindus to say hindi is their mother tongue so punjab could be divided because it gives them a higher possibility to gain a majority government. Regardless, one should not mistake class struggles for religious conflict. You also have to remember that it was Indira Gandhi who created land reforms in punjab in the 70s and took away vast estates of hundreds if not thousands of hindu rajputs and distributed them among the landless jatt peasant communities of which there were over 100 villages easily as 22 villages were under my last name alone, and that too in doaba only. You have to wake up and this requires critical thinking about your revered personalities as well as yourself. In addition, do you forget the thousands of hindu naxalites that were killed and are still killed in the red corridor in India? Hindu communists are killed just like khalistanis were in the 80s. In the context of the red corridor, the issue of caste was used, and in punjab, religion was used. In addition, punjab didnt only come across problems in the 80s. Punjab has been victimized over centuries before the advent of sikhi. It has nothing to do with sikhs as a whole because if anyone here had any brains they would realize that punjab police is predominantly sikh. The masses are always targets of religious conflict because they lack knowledge and are easy to mobilize under religion. If you think that an average hindu or sikh actually hate each other then you are gravely mistaken. The conflict in the 80s was an economic conflict which became construed to such a drastic extent that it is not hard to determine its causes but the causes are purely economical and power related. Jarnail Singh and Indira Gandhi both made huge mistakes. Jarnail Singh actually encouraged vigilante justice because the state failed to answer his calls to justice. This started with the vaisakhi massacre. If you understand anything about politics and power and India then you know that the Indian government is in a very bad position because of people that wish to use their personal social collectivities as a grounds to establish a nation state. India is India and that includes Bangladesh, Pakistan (not the North Western Frontier Province – that is Afghanistan, and not Balochistan – that is its own state) and this includes Kashmir. Why would you accept another partition because you cannot understand domestic and economic politics? Jarnail Singh did nothing to stop extremes of vigilante justice. You can live in ignorance and act like he was a saint and holy but dont live in a lie. He started off as a person who was supported by and supported the congress party. Jarnail Singh should have understood the economics of India and to say “we dont want khalistan but if we get it we wont say no, especially if we cant get justice in India”. His idea of justice was, firstly being able to get those responsible for the vaisakhi massacre charged and given proper jail time and secondly, that punjab be given its natural resources. He did not understand economics at all and he didnt understand that the Indian government is in such a bad position, they cant persecute so many figures because of the uprisings they will cause in India. The state only allows certain genocides to take place when they feel that they have secured themselves in the eyes of the masses through the media and even then their in a risk because holding a nation like India together is extremely hard. The congress party, the bharatiya janata party, the akali dal and all the other parties in India DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. Their leaders do not CARE about social collectivities. Jarnail Singh just became another victim of the notion that there is religiously targeted exploitation going on. The government of India has to keep India together and it has to keep itself capitalist and is trying to become liberal but these ethnic conflicts and a lack of will to forget communal bonds and accept individualism is hindering the states progress to liberalism. Jarnail Singh and khalistanis were just another hurdle in this path. Before Jarnail Singh and his misguided followers (most of which who didnt even know him) the state of India had to create land reforms that targeted hindus and muslims across India. Jarnail Singh was an uneducated man who did not understand politics at all and jumped in with rural medieval punjabi zeal that made an economic matter bigger than it should have been. The state did not hesitate from using any means necessary to eradicate him because he threatened the status quo and used religion to do so because of his lack of knowledge of economics and democracy.

  20. jps March 27, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    damn 2 a long a message shorten it doown an ill prove u wrong on all ur statement
    dum crap

  21. Rana Yugeshwar Singh March 28, 2012 at 2:09 am

    You cant. Your foolish to think the state cares about religion and other collectivities. They only care about the sustenance of power and are promoting a liberal democratic state. Their working to liberalize the nation and this is so blatant its ridiculous to try to argue. You really need to read more to understand the dynamics of politics. My grandfather is Rana Moti Singhji, used to be a member of the Gadar Party and was president of punjab congress under whom Giani Zail Singh was a mere secretary uplifted to president to appease sikhs. Bhagat Singhs family is close to our family before he was even born and he was the right hand man of Partap Singh Khairon. If you think you know anything about politics and the dark side of it, you dont. Btw, the high court rajoana gave his will to is actually where my granduncle is advocate general. You dont have an inkling of how the political elite function and why they did what they did. You were too far to associate and you were not even close to those who orchestrate things in India.

  22. H Singh July 18, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    Rana Yugeshwar Singh

    So are you saying in promoting a capitalist economy, morality does not matter? Killing innocent people and denying justice is alright as long as the economy is not effected? Then, why fight the British for independence because most likely they were also trying to promote a capitalist economy? Equality, respect, justice, and human rights and freedoms are far more important and are the foundations for building a stronger economy. Debating on India’s democratic status is pointless because i think the answer is very clear. If a country cannot provide its people with basic rights and freedoms, deserved justice, and respect it is nowhere close to being called a democratic country and can never achieve strong economy. Sant Ji challenged the government and stood up for the people and taught us to be very critical and careful about the governement’s actions because like you said “politician are there to make money and can care less about the people”.

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