The 10th Master – Happy Gurpurab!

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For some today marks the day that the greatest of all Revolutionaries was born.  Many Sikhs across the world celebrate the Birth Date of the 10th Master – Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj on the 5th and others on the 11th.

The life of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji is far too valuable to express in a few words here.  It does however, require praise, so below we have a provided

  1. a few words from his Zafarnama (click here to read more about it),
  2. an image of his Golden Tipped Arrows and;
  3. a Poetic compilation from Deshmesh Pita himself – explaining his aims and purpose in life.


Excerpt from Zafarnama

By the grace of God, I have made the water of steel (Amrit) for my warriors, who will fall upon you like a torrent

I will put fire under you if you come to Punjab & will not let you drink a drop of water from this land

– Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Fatehnama to Emperor Aurangzeb, 1705


Golden Tipped Arrow

Every arrow of Guru Gobind Singh Ji was mounted with half an ounce of gold. Its object was to alleviate the suffering of the victim.  Should the person aimed at be wounded then he could sell the gold for medicine.  Should the mark prove fatal, then the gold could be used to aid the deceased family. Two specimens of these arrows are preserved.


Poetic Compilation from Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

hm eyh kwj jgq mo Awey ]
ham eaeh kaaj jagath mo aaeae ||
I have come into this world for this purpose.
Drm hyq gurdyv pTwey ]
dhharam haeth guradhaev pat(h)aaeae ||
There supreme Guru has sent me for the protection of righteousness.
jhW qhW qum Drm ibQwro ]
jehaa(n) thehaa(n) thum dhharam bithhaaro ||
Propogate righteousness everywhere;
dust doKIXin pkir pCwro ] 42 ]
dhusatt dhokheeyan pakar pashhaaro || 42 ||
seize and destroy the sinful and the wicked.
XwhI kwj Drw hm jnmM ]
yaahee kaaj dhharaa ham janama(n) ||
I have taken birth for this purpose.
smiJ lyhu swDU sB mnmM ]
samajh laehu saadhhoo sabh manama(n) ||
Let the holy men understand this in their minds.
Drm clwvn sMq aubwrn ]
dhharam chalaavan sa(n)th oubaaran ||
I have come for spreading divine religion and for protecting the saints.
dust sBn ko mUl aupwrn ] 43 ]
dhusatt sabhan ko mool oupaaran || 43 ||
And for annihilating and uprooting all the tyrants

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  1. j. ameus January 12, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    but he was a failure.Every one hates the sikhs in india.even manmohan singh, though he himself is a sikh. all sikhs died premature deaths. bhagat singh died for these pandits and lalaas and so did guru gobind singh. bhagat singh sacrificed only himself, but He lost every thing and finally escaped in the air—-where no one knows.a father who could not save his sons.Sikhs are vaudville of all in the world, and sardarji jokes are too common.indira and the majority community crushed them like flies.It was not only the idea of big ones.The Candian govermnt has the rejected the petition too.Indira was old and may be suffering from any disease as her father and may have died soon. No one has beenable to estimate the loss of lives honour and property.

  2. Singh May 16, 2012 at 6:26 am

    @J. Ameus.
    What you call failure, and what you call victory, is your illusion. Your idea of the merits and actions of victory are plagued. Victory does not come from reputation on this Earth, and all victory belongs to the true creator of the universe. Guru Gobind Singh Ji is beyond human complement, to say he was a great warrior and stood up against tyrrants and oppressors for the weak and innocently victimized; is to undermine his victories.

    There are greater causes than praise on this World. If one has fought many evils and protected others for no personal gains, he has been given that victory from the great creator, he lives in the name of love and protects all. That is the true victory.

    Today is dark. Today good is criticized and bad is praised. The righteous ones must be courageous in order to defeat the evils of this World and to sustain the hatred casted upon them by lost souls.

    The rule of the World we live in today is ; No one believes truth. No one wants to hear the truth. No one wants to recognize the truth. No one wants to accept the truth. No one wants to live by truth. Truth is our gift to defend and promote.

    Thank You

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