Tears and Ashes | Speakers Announced!

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Tears and Ashes | Speakers Announced!

This year Tears and Ashes will commemorate the 1984 Sikh Genocide with youth dramatic arts, a visual art gallery and keynote addresses by academic, human rights and expert analysts on the topic of Genocide.

The Sikh Activist Network will also proudly host, Inkquisitive Illustrations from the United Kingdom, a young dynamic Sikh artist, currently on tour in Toronto.

Keynote speakers will include:

Jarnail Singh: 

Former journalist, social activist, and author of, “I accuse – Anti Sikh violence of 1984″.

Shanaaz Gokool:

Speaker and organizer with Amnesty International Canada with a special focus on minority and Sikh rights in India.

Genevieve Parent: 

Professor of Conflict Studies from University of Saint Paul; Specialist in “intimate Genocides”, transitional justice, healing and reconciliation.

Aridamanjit Singh:

Former BSF officer and director of Nishan Justice, an organization committed to Uphold Rights & Justice in Indian society.




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