Statement on Oak Creek Massacre

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Statement on Oak Creek Massacre

The shooting of the congregation at the Sikh Gurudwara in Wisconsin reminds us that we live in uncertain and unpredictable times. The killing of innocents, Sikh or not, is always unjustifiable and we at the Sikh Activist Network take time to grieve and remember the ones who lost their lives in Wisconsin, from the members of the congregation to the police officers who tackled the suspect.

We believe that this attack reminds us of the barriers Sikhs face in the USA especially post 9/11. Though some call it mistaken identity, in that Sikhs are confused for Muslims, this belief is problematic in its underlying assumption – it would somehow be ok if they were Muslim. Indeed Sikhs are not Muslims, but killing anybody based on what they believe goes against some of the underlying beliefs that the people of the United States of America stand for, along with the teachings of the Sikh Gurus.

Instead we should remember that there are people who hold such deep-rooted hatred that they would take a life to nourish it. There is only one way to fight such hatred; we must harness the power of love. We think the best road for the Sikh community to heal is to solidify and reinforce our founding principles of Nam Japna, Wand key Shakna and Kirat Karni (Meditation, sharing your earnings, and living honestly) and realize them with a renewed conviction.



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  1. MISS KAUR August 8, 2012 at 3:35 am

    I totally agree with this message, thank-you Sikh Activist Network.

    But I would also like to mention that in this really difficult time, some people try to take advantage of a tragedy and cannot stand the fact that Sikhs are being portrayed as peaceful, innocent victims.

    Here in Canada, it is sickening that certain elements and newsites are reminding Canadians that although this violence happened, don’t forget Sikhs are the “other” violent community. Its kind of like their telling Canadians not to feel sorry for this community because their not strangers to violence and always cause violence.

    Please look at this yahoo article……Indian intelligence is playing a role as well,

    THE FIRST LINE of this article is simply DISGUSTING!!! Here is what it says….

    “The massacre of Sikhs in a Wisconsin temple Sunday has shocked members of Canada’s Sikh community, which itself is no stranger to violence.”

    Let me ask these @$$holes something…when the Aurora shooting took place, did Americans think the massacre of white people in a movie theatre was not shocking because whites in America are no strangers to violence?…the Oklahoma bombing, the countless white serial killers, the American soldiers who kill innocent, President Bush, Dick Cheney, the columbine shooters, etc, etc,, etc., so should white people not be surprised about the shooting at the movie theatre because violence is not something strange to the “white” community? ….

    I CANNOT believe these damn journalists get away with saying such things…this is SO DAMN RACIST, HOW the hell can someone say this, and why the hell would you mention Air India, no one has ever even been arrested for the crime and we all know who really did it, and why the hell would someone mention UJJAL DOSANJH???? because MANY years ago two or 3 men rushed another man the Sikh community is all of a sudden violent because of what 2-3 individuals did to oNE PERSON??

    So to all the Sikhs out there PLEASE PLEASE track what the Canadian Media is saying and also there is a really bigoted MAN out there who is claiming to represent the Hindu community in Canada, he is definitely working for the Indian GOVERNMENT…

    VERY VERY DISGUSTING…shit like this on the internet is what further makes people ignorant to reality and facts

    India will always take ADVNATAGE of any situation, in india, they are over exaggerating the BJP “sikhs” who are burning american flag and holding swords and acting like they represent the broader sikh community when in fact we don’t need their baloney here in north america or their phoney representation

  2. MISS KAUR August 8, 2012 at 3:38 am

    and sikh acgivist network i understand you guys trying to moderate the comments but please post what i say up…this is a blog, do not ban me from posting my comments


  3. MANJINDER GILL August 10, 2012 at 4:46 am

    when some stupid people of some community attacked on america they are suspecting every outsider could be a terrorist, so now what should we think upon this act of terrorism. should we put a notice outside our TEMPLES that ”” WHITE COMMUNITY IS NOT ALLOWED IN OUR TEMPLE \\\\SHOULD WE PUT ARMED SECURITY OUTSIDE OUR GURUDUWARA’S FOR OUR SAFETY. I THINK EVERY CITIZEN , EVERY POLITICIAN OF CANADA , AMERICA , UK AND EVERY COMMUNITY OF THIS WORLD SHOULD ANSWER THIS.

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