Ruby Dhalla: Ardent Admirer of Indira Gandhi

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Ruby Dhalla seems to have a love for perpetrators of the Sikh Genocide.

Today, the Times of India has reported “Dhalla revealed she was an ardent admirer of India’s former prime minister Indira Gandhi.”

Further, while enjoying her stay in India, Ruby Dhalla has solidified her unholy matrimony with Human Rights Violators while partnering up with Chief Minister and Tyrant of Punjab, Parkash Badal.

As an illustration of his tyranny and control of Punjab, Badal “even offered to get her elected as an MLA or MP from Punjab.”

Meanwhile, in Canada where there is a large Sikh vote in Dhalla’s riding, with talk of an election in the near future Ruby Dhalla has shown complete disregard not only for the Sikh vote but Human Rights.

This warrants a need to ask ourselves if Ruby Dhalla and other Sikh MPs in Sikh dominated areas who have shown a disregard for human rights – are the representatives we want elected as the faces/voices of our community.

If the answer is no,  is it possible the community will mobilize its vote and send a strong message to the Liberal Party, that defenders of Human Rights not Genocide are required?  - Only time will tell.

Source: Times of India and Tribune India

Ruby Dhalla’s track record and The Sikh Genocide.

The first sign of Ruby Dhalla’s non-commitment to Human Rights was when she was first photographed with Kamal Nath, a man allegedly responsible for the murder of Sikhs during the Delhi Genocide.  This mean that she not only met with this man at some point, but when action was required she did absolutely nothing to assist the community in opposing Kamal Nath’s arrival in Canada.

Second, she did nothing to assist the community during the 1984 Genocide Petition.  In fact, she abandoned Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal – the only beacon of hope left in the Party to fend for himself.

Third,  she verbally attacked a Sikh youth in the House of Commons when the young woman questioned Dhalla about her behaviour pertaining to Sikh and Human Rights issues.  Instead of answering, Dhalla not only verbally attacked the young woman, but attempted to have Security remove her from the House. Security seemigly refused, as they had witnessed the entire ordeal and felt that her request was irrational.

Fourth, she is now mingling amongst one of the most corrupt and tyrannical regimes Punjab has seen in decades.  To be specific, in an report written by the Times of India, Ruby Dhalla who is currently in Punjab spent some time “accompanying Parkash Singh Badal to celebrate Lohri…”.

Fifth, in the very same Times of India article, she has professed her admiration for Indira Gandhi, a woman responsible for the planned and systematic murder of hundreds of thousands of Sikhs, during the 1984 Sikh Genocide.  These events were carried out under the guise of operations including Massacre Bluestar at the Golden Temple and the like.   To quote the article directly it is stated that recently, ”Dhalla revealed she was an ardent admirer of India’s former prime minister Indira Gandhi.”

Ruby Dhalla with Badal Family & Associates

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    Please Note: Jay Grewal is not an Organizer with The Sikh Activist Network. He has, however spoken very passionately about Human Rights at SAN events as a representative of Sikhs For Justice.

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    sali gusti, she wont get ellected anymore i bet. skank

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