Radio Host and Station apologize for KP Gill interview

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Apologies always contain a measure of humility and sincerity. How much? Well, that is validated by the actions that follow.

We are proud to notify all those that participated in the recent Action Alert, that Jagraj Sidhu of Mehak Radio on AM770 has offered more than one apology for his actions.

Recently, The Sikh Activist Network raised awareness regarding the public interview of KP”S” Gill ( an alleged mass murder)  on Canadian Radio.  In this awareness campaign and call to action, the community overwhelmingly responded when it was asked to mobilize and express its grievances in a peaceful manner.

Consequently, in what became an email campaign, the community united in its efforts to effectively lodge complaints in a legitimate and credible fashion –  immediately taking the notice of the show’s host, station management and many others.

We thank Jagraj Sidhu, AM770 and it’s management for recognizing the implications that bringing individuals perceived as an extension of State Terrorism has on victims of state violence and terror.  Victims of the State Genocide against the Sikh community continue to be impacted, those that fled India out of fear for the lives and arrived in Canada deserve a degree of safety from the re-traumatization the violent words of alleged mass murders evoke.

We hope that Jagraj Sidhu, AM770 and the community will progress on the issue and carry a degree of sensitivity with regards to the 1984 Sikh Genocide and the trauma that continues to persist as justice evades its victims.

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    a rare video about police torture in punjab ^^^^^

    this is only part of the documentary

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