Short Film | Tears and Ashes | Living Arts Centre | Nov 22 | 6pm

admin November 13, 2012 17 Comments
Short Film | Tears and Ashes | Living Arts Centre | Nov 22 | 6pm


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  1. MISS KAUR November 13, 2012 at 7:30 am

    i love the canadian sikh youth…THANK YOU FOR doing this

  2. MISS KAUR November 13, 2012 at 7:32 am

    pS. i remember hearing a story of a Sikh family in delhi that lost over 20 family members and it happened the day of a wedding celebration…is that what influenced you guys to make the video the way you did? just wondering

  3. MISS KAUR November 13, 2012 at 7:40 am

    sikhs for justice has received so much support from canadian sikhs….sikh activist network is from canada….no wonder why the indian intelligence are pissing in their pants and spreading lies and propaganda, they cannot handle the fact that sikhs living in beautiful canada are aware of their human rights and they will share their opinions and demand justice for all of the sikh victims that were kILLED ALL ACROSS INDIA, not just delhi….never forget, it happened all over india, ALL OVER INDIA!!! india why? why cant you just arrest the people who did it? why do you have to be so cold hearted? why do you have to be so inconsiderate and evil? PS. I HEARD parm gill and uppal visited the widow colony, its good that they went, never forget that every sikh home outside of punjab was attacked in november, goons were basically given permission by police and politicians to kill sikhs, so remember, it could have been you, it could have been someone in your family, it could have been anyone just because they were born into the sikh faith

  4. MISS KAUR November 13, 2012 at 7:44 am

    the sikh youth in india are brainwashed by bollywood nonsense….as well as mainstream indian culture….but here in canada, this shit does not effect the majority of us and we will never EVER forget our history!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Davinderpal Singh November 13, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Yes, you’re right Kaur…

  6. MISS KAUR November 19, 2012 at 11:49 pm



    some people in india are just so evil….

    while this woman was watching her family members burn to death, evil goons from new delhi, low-life losers, were telling this woman to DANCE because thats what people in Punjab do, they were not only killing the innocent but they were MOCKING the survivors

  7. MISS KAUR November 20, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    sikhs should have their own country, the worse thing to ever happen to the sikh kaum was to have their land joined to the republic of india….look at the state of sikhi today in punjab, look at how sikhs were viscously murdered, look at how the majority justifdied the states actions and still commemorate murderers like indira, rajiv, bachan, kamal nath, kps gill, etc….sikhs were STABBED in the back by high-caste hindus, sikhs gave up so much for freedom and this is how they were thanked, by being STABBED in the back, by being imprisoned, by having over 38 gurdwaras across punjab attacked by the army, by the army invading punjab, by sikh youth being picked up and killed in fake encounters, and today, there is so much corruption, the sikh kaum deserves better then what india offers, india is a shameless country, india is polluted and they are purposely letting the youth die of drugs and alcohol, sant jarnail singh bhindranwale influenced people to stop doing drugs and drinking, which is another reason out of many for why the indian state wanted him killed, they could not handle the fact that sikhs were starting to become real sikhs who followed the path and were willing to give up their lives for equality and freedom and just for being treated equally in a country that STABBED them in the back so many times, JINNNAH was RIGHT, NEVER EVER trusT THE BRAHMIN HINDUS, they think they are superior, even if they dont believe in god, they for some reason believe in all these superiority theories, they will always look down upon others and even today in punjab, brahmin hindus are trying to honour all of the so called “brahmin” sikhs who were martyred….Brahminism has pure evil….sant jarnail singh bhindranwale OPENLY and without ANY FEAR OR HESITATION STATED OUT LOUD in his speeches the truth about how BRAHMINS treated the sikhs, and this is another reason why they wanted him killed because brahmins think they can brainwash society into believing that india is secular and democratic but in reality it is not and when someone brave speaks out against what india really is, they start shitting in their pants because their scared they will lose their privileges and favouritism….the last thing a brahmin state wants is for a leader as powerful as sant jarnail singh to openly criticize the state and talk about how sikhs are being treated as lesser human beings and until this very day, they are still treated as lesser human beings and if they were treated as human beings, then they will get some justice, but NO, no justice, nothing….absolutely nothing since 1947, nothing NOTHING nothing but SHIT, shit from the state….bhagat singh and udham singh would be SO ASHAMED to call themselves INDIAN today if they were alive, they would be so ashamed

  8. MISS KAUR November 20, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    look at whats going on in Maharashtra, stupid old bal tackiery is dead at the age of like 86 and people are so shocked that he is dead and they are shutting down the whole city….this shameless old man who openly endorses hitler’s views and nazism and think its a good idea to use hitler’s theories and views on racial superiority is being honoured by so many people and all these celebrities like amtitab bachan (of course this shameless piece of shit is going to honour him) and lata the singer….india is simply barbaric….this man is responsible for instigating attacks on muslims and biharis who live in bombay and here he is being treated like some sort of marathi messiah….BTW some 21 year old girl in bombay criticizes the city for shutting down on her Facebook account and she gets arrested….WOW, welcome folks to the world’s largest democracy, where gangsters like bal tackhery dictate cities, even when he is dead….welcome welcome…welcome to india…welcome to bombay, the so called cosmopolitan city of india LOLLLLLLLL!!!!! keep on living in fantasies people of bombay, bombay is far from being cosmopolitan, it is on of the most dangerous cities for girls, it is controlled by SHIV SENA, it is discriminatory, it is so overpopulated and out of control that men and women have separate trains

  9. Barbaric Hindu December 29, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Miss Kaur, I saw another of your thread where you were calling Hindus barbarians and seeing similar posts here. Well, First of all I would like to thank you for calling me barbaric and I defend your right to say, yes I am Hindu but also like Buddhism – Btu you are absolutely right about few things. 1) Hinduism doesn’t have any definition and as you already know the name is given to us by Persians(dont like it much). If anything I would like to call Hinduism Yogism because even excercises are yoga. 2) Caste system – you are right it is one of the evils of Hinduism. Actually the worst one.

    But let’s analyze your barbaric and other remarks objectively and since it is all matter of religion to you, dont get offended at basic truths. Let’s see how reasonable your hatred is….You better respond because this is not challenge to you but everything you stand for, including all of the teachings of your religion….

    Let’s take Muslims first, shall we?
    – close to 1000 years of onslaught on our religion and people, half of our territory taken away and Hindus are babarians?
    – Even after independence where majority Hindu India and majority muslim pakistan and bangladesh were created, more Indians have been killed by pakistanis than pakistanis by Indians and Hindus are barbarians?
    – I have yet to find Hindu(yes I should specify that the temple I am talking about is Hindu temple) temple raising money to terrorize pakistan but there are dime a dozen mosques in pakistan raising money from REGULAR people to terrorize India and Hindus are Barbarians?
    – Let’s say India has no right over Kashmir(better read your history truthfully and reaseach it truthfully, king of kashmir wanted to be independent but pashtoons attacked kashmir that is when the asked for help and joined India). But let’s say Kashmir is not part of India as their King made a mistake. Well, can we also say that our leader made a mistake too and send all Muslims packing to Pakistan, will that be valid to Pakistan(I am not advocating that, but since it is all about religions, lets keep it that way)? You know ver well it wont be acceptable to pakistan and Hindus are barbarians?
    – Muslims have scaled heights in India, the top in everything has had Muslim but in Pakistan???? Can you name a few Hindus please? ….and Hindus are barbarians?
    – sure Gujrat riot happened and Muslims did die. Official number is 3000 but to all Hindu haters like yourself that number means all Muslims right? Well, over 1000 of those dead were Hindus. But yea, only Muslimd died in those riots right?
    – In mecca, I as a non-muslim is not even allowed to enter but they can build, claim and not move at all even out of basic understanding and respect of other religions from one of Hindus’ most holy places(heard of ayodhya)? … and Hindus are barbarians?
    – population of Muslims increase in India and Hindus decrease in Pakistan and Bangladesh but Hindus are barbarians?/????
    – clear hatred is taught against Hindus in Pakistan schools while we are told to respect all religions….and we are barbarics?
    – shall I go over thousands of more of these for your muslim friends since Hindus are barbarians? Let me know I can….

    Now let’s take Sikhs – No doubt injustice happened to Sikhs, my God is my witness and I type with my heart and I pray that smallest insjustice should be punished, whether the perpetrator is my brother or my son and whether the victim is barbaric Hindu, Sikh, Muslim or Christian:
    – Yes 1984 riots happened and people were killed and raped. I feel ashamed for that. But you have balmed that on Barbaric Hindus while not showing a single riot before or after 1984 between Hindus and Sikhs. Mind you there are 64 years and 362 days outside of the 3 days of riots. Even the gujrat riot which lasted 22 days was due to politicians and MLAs have been punished, but 3000 Sikhs killed in 3 days couldn’t be all political, could it? It was barbaric Hindus, we are barbarians?
    – Yes, India is terrible place. I will be first one to say that not getting proper leadership, not even one good leader is curse on India. Indian political state is garbage and should be disposed and in fact punished for its numerous crimes. But what politicians have done, is always Hindus fault? …and we are barbarians?
    – Let’s say Sikhs had joined Pakitan during independence with present day state of punjab, do you think Sikhs would’ve been happier? Really? Why arent you folks not able to get along with them in…ummm…where do I start? London, birmingham , new york…..? I have heard they are picking up KAURs like you left and right and raping and converting them? Is that true? Dont worry about us Hindus, we are barbarians. But as you say above that happened to Sikhs is joining India so better respond to this… and Hindus are barbarians???
    – Bhindranwale might’ve started off as saint but in his last days he actually has hate speech for Hindus(it is on you tube so dont even try to tell me he doesn’t because it will be very easy lie to foil). Is that sign of saint and righteous person? I understand Sikhs were persecuted by Muslims a lot but dont remember any of your gurus making hate speech against Muslims??? So was bhindranwale a saint and righteous man or a fanatic extremist, at least in his last days? You guys call him saint how low have your standards really become born out of your hatred for barbaric Hindus?(Dont worry, I know bhindranwale alone was not responsible for bluestar, in fact big reason was ruthless indira and her ego and her need for congress to rule everywhere and all other subdued.)…..Indira…woman married a muslim and was not even allowed in biggest Hindu temples like Tirupati and pashupatinath in nepal and her crimes are crimesof Hindus…and we are barbarians>????
    – I am barbaric Hindu so dont listen to me but if I understood correctly, to fight injustice, your gurus did not fight with injustice, they fought it with truth. They did not hate muslims……and Hindus are barbarians?
    – I know you are not going to like this one but since you call close to billion Hindus barbarians… you should be ready to listen to this… Majority of your religion is from Hinduism. Oh yea, the karma, Dharma, Meditation, Brahm gyani and million other things in your religion are straight out of religion of Barbaric Hindus. Dont worry, I am not taking away your right of seperate religion, there are in fact enough differences to be called a different religion and just the fact that Sikhs want seperate identity is a reason for seperate religion… but fact is majority of your religion is from Hinduism…and Hindus are barbarians?

    I can go on Miss Kaur but hopefully you get the point. Hey listen, with all my heart I say, I have lots of respect for your gurus and Sikhs in general and what they have done for India. You can do whatever you want and beieve whatever you want but what I dont understand is how much people like you are going to insult your own religion by your hatred? I do not understand how injustice to me today would result in my mind being so hateful that I change so much that I am opposite from what I was yesterday.

    Miss Kaur, Hindus are victims in India too and not in thousands but in Millions. Fortunately, social media, many many different news channels NOT controlled by govt, education has resulted in Hindus finally waking up and uniting against smallest(yes small compare to what Indian govt has done in past) crimes of Indian state. If this was there in 1984, Hindus would’ve been on streets just like they are today for one woman who was raped. That is what happened in Gujrat riot, one Muslim woman was raped and killed and that was one of the top news that made Hindus start going against it. I remember seeing that and remember talking to my(barbaric Hindu friends) friends and we were all like, these bastards should be killed in public.
    But no one promised that no injustice will never happen to anyone in Independent India, in fact being biological diverse nation means it will happen but greatness is in prompt justice for it and if justice doesn’t happen, just fight against it.

    So overall, I am sorry horrible crimes were commited against Sikhs but please excuse us barbaric Hindus. We do not mean any harm to you or for that mater any religion. Especially Sikhs as you have always been brother in arms…best of companions, best soldiers and best of best of best of a lot what India has or had. I highly recommend meditation – truth will come to you automatically. In fact, my expeirnece is I get so arngry and frustrated at things but after doing meditation that I automatically know what is right action and what is wrong. I am automatically at peace and I learn to let go.

  10. Khalistani December 31, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    “Hindu Barbarian”, thank you for posting. It is always heart warming to know our Hindu brothers and sisters are reading about Sikh issues in solidarity.

    I agree, “MISS KAUR” often has good things to say, but is left lacking much credibility when her anger is directed at Hindus, generally.This is a very dangerous and incorrect approach that I assure you is not reflect of the Sikh community and Khalistanis.

    That being said, please remember Sikhs have been left traumatized by the violence of the Indian state, with the dominance and hegemony of Brahmanism and its manipulated form of Hinduism that has been politicized and used to oppress people those that have suffered from this are victims of a psychological conditioning. The conditioning I speak of disallows them to differentiate the difference between Hindu comrades and those that carried out these crimes in the name of “Hindustan”. It is a traumatic and the root issue is the fault of the Indian state and their killers.

    It is integral for the Indian state to provide reconciliation and recognize the violence they perpetrated against the Sikh community so that healing may begin. For example, justice must be provided, recognition of Sikh Genocide granted and genuine attempts of reconciliation made.

    Until this happens, only the Indian state can be held responsible for such divisiveness that persists.

  11. Barbaric Hindu December 31, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    Khalistani, THANK YOU for seeing it the way it is and thank you for replying. I was really hoping for Miss Kaur to reply and my post was directed at Miss Kaur only. I can assure you that this “barbaric Hindu” certainly reads about Sikh issues but not only Sikh issues but all Issues related to India and the country I live in.

    I shall only speak truth – Yes I agree – I know for a fact that this is not the views of Sikhs as I have many Sikh friends and also not even view of all Khalistanis – half of the Khalistanis do hold these views and that is also truth.

    I do not deny and I can not deny if I have to live with my concious, that the trauma left on Sikhs’ psyche. I am too darn proud and I wouldn’t like any sympathy and hence I wont show you either, but I do empathize with Sikhs with all my heart besides empathy is what entire barbaric Hinduism is based on so I shall do what my religion teaches me. I am no fan of Indian state, in fact I am anti-Indian state myself as much as any Khalistani(there are lot more things I’d say about Indian state but saying is useless and doing/karma/dharma is everything so just saying enough to get my point across).

    But know some truths as an FYI from me so likes of Miss Kaur can stop maligning Hindus once and for all. I am sick and tired of hearing it:

    – If there was social media, free news instead of lonely govt controlled doordarshan and publicity then Hindus would’ve riot in 1984 as well and even without all that, educated class of Hindus did know what happened was wrong, awefully wrong but that was minority by huge margin.
    – Even after knowing Hindus might’ve not rioted in support of Sikhs for one reason – Khalistan. Think about it? In future Khalistan(I hope that division doesn’t happen) if there are Hindus and they were victimized like Sikhs in India and instead of just justice they start asking for Hindustan, how many sikhs would support them even after knowing their plight? I dont think so!!!! No one likes to even hear about division of their country even if they know of facts about injustice. You are putting someone in dilemma of what to pick. Support justice or support division of their nation?
    – entire Indian political establishment is evil, probably not too far from biggest evil of recent times, hitler. But Know that Hindus have been victimized too and more than Sikhs. I know thousand sikh women were raped in 1984 but do you know how many Indian women have been raped since 1984 and how many convicted? In 2012 in Delhi ALONE out of 674 rapes there was only one conviction and this is Delhi ALONE not even WHOLE India. Now do you agree that majority of 674 raped were Hindus? Now, tell me how better of justice is it than what Sikhs have got? It took one brutally murdered student and days for protest to do SOMETHING and that is still NOTHING concrete. So you got injsutice sir no doubt but you are not alone. You so easily asked for Khalistan in response to that injustice but what are Hindus going to ask for? We cant ask for Hindustan we just have to fight for it and the barbaric Hindus did.
    – Attack on Golden temple was absolutely wrong but Golden temple is back to its glory. But what about Hindus? They cant even build temple on their most holy site. So tell me sir if an attack is so bad than(just putting it in perspective so you would understand not telling you to offend) how bad would it have been if Indira Gandhi would’ve razed your temple, built a mosque over it and not let you build temple again? So yes, that attack was all Indira Gandhi because of whose curroption(economical and social curroption) most of the problem in India exist today. So tell me who is more victimized in India? Sikhs or Hindus? Dont get me wrong, I do not support breaking babri mosque like RSS folks did but what I do expect is that injsutice happened in past. Now Muslims need to understand and let us build our temple. So sir, if attack was wrong what would you do in case of Hindus? unless you are going to say that Hindus are lying and no one broke ram temple and built mosque there as if no onslaught happened when muslims ruled for 1000 years, injustice to Hindus is many times than Sikhs. hahahaha you should visit kutub minar in delhi. It is so bad and so shameful that Delhiits call it a monument and visit it. There used to be jain temple there, it was broken and that was not bad enough they actually used the same stones from jain temple and even today you can read sanskrit carvings in those stones. So it was systematic and intentional subduing of culture of native religions of south asia, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. But ram temple couldn’t have existed in Ayodhya right?

    So I can speak many truths sir but it is not suitable for forum and type them. Many of them would mean Hindus are at fault and they need to accept and correct them, for example, injustice to untouchables, but I do not accept Hindus are at fault for what happened to Sikhs and that needs to stop. Injustice happened to you and it is aweful and I support justice for every smallest injustice but know that Hindus have suffered more injustice in Independent India than Sikhs. Know that truthful fight is never divisive, even people like Bulle shah wouldn’t have been in favor of Sikh gurus if your Gurus(GGS in this case) were divisive regardless what your religion says about political power. Indians, Hindus-Muslims-Sikhs-Christians need to unite and fight, even if fight with arms, so righteousness prevails. If one raped girl and thousands of protests mean something then think about united fight against criminal evil of India. Now that would be righteous fight. But anyway… too much to type in post, I still feel incomplete in my post but I hope you get the point.

  12. Barbaric Hindu December 31, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    ….and yes you are right about politized Hindu religion. But you diddnt know? Is it News to Sikhs? That ever single politician in India, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, rules by division? Whether it is religious, caste, creed and you name it and doesnt matter WHO the politicians is, Hindu, Muslims, Sikh,….This Miss Kaur talks about Bal Thakeray above. How stupid could you be to talk about it and say that people revere him? Of course they do. But of course. Now go and ask those Gujaratis, South Indians, Biharis that have suffered at hands of Shiv sena and whoever the nephew of bal thakeray is. Ask that Bihari whose hands were cut by his nephew’s party and his crime? working in Bombay. Yes sir, you are right. BJP and congress are playing most curropt game ever played in history of mankind(in my opinion) and why wouldn’t they politicize religion? It works in their favor so why wouldn’t they? oh….and stop hating brahmins too, does not suit you. Listen man, democracy and uneducated public is lethal combination and for a country as biological diverse as India, it is a laughing riot for politicians. Dont think for a second that in your Khalistan your Sikhs leaders are going to be all righteous.

  13. Barbaric Hindu January 1, 2013 at 12:38 am

    sorry…I was typing in notepad and thought I pasted all but diddnt.

    But for me it is matter of pride that India is so biologically diverse and I like it that way. It does pain me that is not ruled properly. That is what needs to change and it will change. I am in fact hoping, for a reason, that politicians dont change. They stay the way they are and do what they do best. So Indian public does what it has been doing recently. little cleanup isn’t going to help, it needs to clean up from bottom up. So let them be the way they are sir, thier time is coming. All these Bal Thakerays and all are paying soon and Barbaric Hindus are going to do it this time, if they can only find a good leader time is ripe.

    Typing here is not the only thing I am doing. I am doing other things as well and I will continue doing whatever I can. Maybe join them full-time someday.

  14. MISS KAUR January 15, 2013 at 2:00 am

    Barbaric Hindu…..LOL you cannot fool me. Barbaric Hindu and Khalstani you are the same people! You are trying to divert the attention from the comments i made in this post by portraying me as some sort of illogical person because you apparently read somewhere that I called all Hindus barbaric… i do not hate Hindus and I am not going to explain this any further because it is a waste of my time….

    whoever you are, I doubt that you really even live in India…. and thank you for commenting over 1 month after i posted my comments, for me, whatever has been said on this post has been said, and YES i believe that certain practices within the Hindu faith are simply barbaric and immoral and as a matter of fact, go read the siri guru granth sahib, i am not the one who started the criticism, and most people in india have unfortunately become tolerant of all the shit that goes on, as a society it has failed, they are not numb, if it were, then the current conditions of the country would not be so horrendously horrible, i’ve been over this a million times

    You will get my replies the way like replying on this blog, I do not feel obligated to write an essay for you

  15. Barbaric Hindu January 15, 2013 at 3:57 am

    Miss Kaur,

    I dont know how you could be taken as even a sane person. 1) You said, I doubt I even live in India. No sh!t sherlock>>>>>I already said I dont live in India. 2) Khalistani and I are same person? Hahaha…I actually challenged your belief and this is the best you could do? I will let Khalistani respond to you on that one. I am so surprised this is the best a Pious khalistani believer can come up with. I thought you guys were morally supreme, no? 3) I apparently read somewhere that you called Hindus barbaric? Hahaha….I thought after challenging your belief you would at-least not lie. What a shame, I am surprised Sikhs allow you in their faith. 4) Miss Kaur, I do not follow you day and night to keep track of when you post. I post as I find your post. I actually saw many of your posts and then I replied. 5) I already said some of the practices of Hindu religion are wrong. Are you telling me something new? That was not the point of my post though. 6) You need not worry about our society, you keep worrying about yours. Oh diddnt the punjabis rape a married woman in Pubjab few days ago? Sure that is going to be fault of Hindus too, right? 7) Who gives a sh!t if you respond or not. You have no substance in what you say anyway. I wasted my time hoping there could be some reasoning here, but boy was I wrong!!!! 8) Yes, I do respect your right to say as you wish. In fact, you keep posting works in my favor. Do keep posting Miss Kaur. P.S. Note that I only call you Kaur only because that is your screen name here. 9) Talk about Hindus and their immoral parctices – Any righteous person reading both of our posts will know who is righteous here.

  16. MISS KAUR January 16, 2013 at 2:01 am

    Barbaric Hindu ….I have evidence that you are the same person, I am will not say how :)

    enjoy your day, keep following me, I know its your job

  17. Barbaric Hindu January 18, 2013 at 8:05 am

    Evidence that is not presented is not an evidence. So in other words, you dont have evidence.

    Oh, I know what your evidence is….he disagreed with your on couple of things so must be a lowly barbaric hindu like me. What a self-centered – narcissistic soul you are and you have nerves to call other people names.

    You keep displaying your hate Miss Kaur for Hindus and then on top keey denying it…Everything you write points to your hatred for Hindus and then you keep denying it. The simple fact that you want Khalistani, who merely wrote two words against you, to be a lowly Hindu like me points to your hatred for Hindus.

    I am not going to respond to you anymore. You are God’s child and he shall take care of you.

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