POEM :: On Rape in India

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POEM :: On Rape in India

Nina Chanpreet Kaur

Nina Chanpreet Kaur is a social & cultural change leader, entrepreneur, writer and educator. She is on the editorial board of the Sikh Love Stories Project and blogs regularly for The Langar Hall. Her writing has been featured in a range of publications including the NY Times, Harlem Times, SikhChic and Yoni Ki Baat. For more

I saw SAN’s call for submissions and sat down to do writing practice starting with the words “on rape in India.” This poem is what emerged. Rape in India and the diaspora come as no surprise. India was born of rape and violence. As Sikhs, we have experienced the brutality of the real India for centuries.  As Sikh women, we have silently fought as survivors of sexual violence. And yet, the epidemic of violence against women in our own community is so prevalent I always feel objectified. Women are the silent warriors, taking the brunt of violence everyone is complicit in yet no one wants to speak about.

On Rape in India

A goat
A sacrificial lamb
Halal meat
Her blood runs dry at the bottom of a river
Cleansing the land

Sri Lanka
The tip of my soul

New Delhi
Anandpur Sahib

My constellation of stars
Drip drip dripping
Blood seeps into earth

One quick slice from the neck
Less painful that way
More fertile that way
Mothers, sisters, daughters
We bury red splashes
Virgin ground
I step into bare earth
Glass shackles
My fate I cannot escape
Someone else’s territory
A prisoner of war
My body the battlefield

A game of russian roulette in my vagina
Who will be next
A sexual slave
The world my cage
If I am not a slut
I am a religious object
If I am not a religious object
I am not religious enough
If I breathe deeply into the sun
My bare shoulders touching the sky
You do not see me
You see an opening between my legs

Never human
Never loved
Never forgiven
Never protected
Always forgotten

1984 I make my homage to you
1947 I cut my body in half and give it to you
India born by death of women raped

1957 my mother born
Protect me, dear mother
Hold me again in your womb
A rainbow
A river
Where life and death merge
I will meet you there
Together we will reemerge

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  1. MISS KAUR January 26, 2013 at 1:52 am

    Air india tops the list for the most dangerous flights….

    the indian government discriminates against sikhs by not letting any other airlines from toronto land in amritsar besides the nasty smelly disgusting old air india planes

  2. MISS KAUR March 10, 2013 at 9:07 pm


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