NEW MUSIC: Back2Punjab – Mandeep Sethi x Noyz

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NEW MUSIC: Back2Punjab – Mandeep Sethi x Noyz


The art of storytelling resonates all throughout this track. When reviewing and listening to the lyrics of Mandeep Sethi and Noyz, the emotion, journey and struggles of Punjab vibrates with each lyric and beat. The track touches on the conditions of Punjab from the problem of drugs to political issues.

A copy of Noyz’s lyrics can be found at, here is our deconstruction of a history lesson through the raw lyrical content (untouched by us) of Noyz.

November 1984 Sikh Genocide: My grandfather was massacred in the streets of Delhi, though I never met him, fam says I’ve got his features in me. Flee the city, grandmother worked the widow colony but left and took her daughters to Punjab where the heart in me was made.

Punjab 1984 Sikh Genocide: Gun Smoking from the false ecounters, they put the dark around us that cause the loss of thousands, caused by the false encounters.

The Green Revolution: the Green Revolution, abusive regime, revenue streams from liquor taxes, a future of fiends got me stuck

Drugs: my brothers in the same trap, vein tracks, belts wrapped around their arms, needles in a haystack, from heroin to opiates, tearing at the closely knit and dealing with twice the terror for every bit of hope we get. So, I wonder if we’re deserving of our fate?

Water: When the water gets diverted out of state and they’re calling us insurgents of our faith got me pondering a certain escape, beyond the temporary tourniquets they’ve placed.

Revolution: so I hold on, grow strong, now my skin is thicker. Punjab awaits its makers, awake us, and still I’m with ya, a picture from my pen to show you it’s getting deep from the five rivers, where all of my ancestors sleep

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Music by Satnam Singh Chatha for 5 Rivers Entertainment Inc.

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