Undemocratic actions by Ujjal Dosanjh attempt to suppress the Sikh voice

AnonSingh May 19, 2010 2 Comments

All Members of Parliament should be held accountable for their words and their actions. Earlier this month and in the month of April, MP Ujjal Dosanjh engaged in behaviour typical of his hatred towards a segment of the Sikh population.  Using the opportunity that was presented as a result of misinterpreted comments made on a radio show, which have since been cleared with an explanation and apology, MP Dosanjh referred to Sikhs as uncivilized amongst many other things.  He additionally, mocked the right to self-determination guaranteed to Sikhs under the UN.

For this reason, a group of concerned citizens and Sikhs  formed the “Ad Hoc Committee on the Accountability of Liberal M.P. Ujjal Dosanjh”.  The Sikh Activist Network was contacted by this group and asked to spread the word and create awareness regarding the incidents that took place the actions currently being taken.

We were told by this Ad Hoc Committtee that they wish to meet with the Leader of the Liberal Party, Mr. Michael Ignatieff, and Mr. Dosanjh to discuss the issues that Mr. Dosanjh has brought forth regarding the Canadian Sikh community in order to determine fact from fiction.

Below is a letter that was sent to Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Dosanjh on May 10, 2010 for which the committee  awaits a reply.  We encourage everyone to join the facebook group out of which this action was taken and also do their part in spreading the word.

Remember, strength is in numbers and the foundation to our progression as a community lays in our unity.

“Sikhs have the right to express themselves without the fear of verbal assault and intimidation.”

Via facsimile and regular mail

May 10, 2010

Hon. M.P. Michael Ignatieff
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6


Hon. M.P. Ujjal Dosanjh
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Dosanjh:

Re : Recent accusations of extremism in the Canadian Sikh community

Over the last several years, and most recently over the last several weeks, Mr. Dosanjh has made many statements related to the Sikh community. Most recently, Mr. Dosanjh has said that extremism in the Canadian Sikh community is worse now than it was during the time of the Air India bombing. He has also accused Canadian multiculturalism as the cause of this rise in extremism. Mr. Dosanjh has also claimed that “the kind of violence and hate that existed in the 80s is now perpetuating itself and regenerating itself in young minds….” In addition, he has suggested that second-generation, young Sikh Canadians are somehow being indoctrinated with a message of hate from their elders. His statements remain nothing but accusations.

In fact, Mr. Dosanjh has gone so far as to say, in the media, that Canadian Sikhs should make an independent state in Alberta. This statement, which he argues was said sarcastically and jokingly, can be considered a malicious attempt to mock those Sikhs who peacefully express their fundamental right to self-determination.

Ultimately, many in the Canadian Sikh community feel that most of Mr. Dosanjh’s statements over the last several weeks have amounted to negative media attention and have tarnished the reputation of all Canadian Sikhs.

We wish to meet with both Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Dosanjh to further discuss the issues which Mr. Dosanjh has brought forth in order to determine fact from fiction. We feel this is an important discussion to have so that we may find, as Mr. Ignatieff has suggested himself, a peaceful resolution to this unfortunate turn of events.

We strongly believe that the last 25 years of hostility needs to be addressed in a positive and proactive manner. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Manohar Singh
Committee Co-ordinator
2 Longbourne Drive • Etobicoke, Ontario • M9R 2M4
Facsimile: 416-246-7782 • E-mail:

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  1. N Singh May 21, 2010 at 6:16 am

    In your meeting with Mr Ujjal Dosanjh please remind him of his support for (Shaheed) Bhagat Singh, a known ‘terrorist’ who was executed by the British in 1931 for the killing of a British Police Officer and that Mr Dosanjh (in pictures widely available on the internet) is shown displaying posters of Bhagat Singh. I believe this strongly contradicts his stand against ‘violence’ of any sort and the displaying of pictures of so-called ‘martyrs’ unless he feels that those who killed for India’s freedom are better and exempt than those who fight against her tyranny and for their own freedom.

    There are also greater issues here regarding the freedom of speech and expression which he has attacked. All free citizens of Canada have the right to congregate, parade and shout slogans for whom ever they please (provided no laws are broken). We do not live in a police state where people’s views and voices can be silenced if Mr Dosanjh doesn’t like or approve of those views.

    Also remind him that Quebec separatists openly call for independence and are protected under Canadian law…why not those who call for Khalistan. I don’t believe this is against the law either in Canada or India.

  2. Ms. Kaur May 22, 2010 at 12:29 am

    I am glad to hear that someone is taking a step and has written this letter to the MPs. A few rare incidents were over-exaggerated by the media and Ujjal Dosanjh only wanted to bring attention to himself and get publicity. Honestly, I almost forgot that he was even still in politics until these recent events in which he was televised from station to station across the country warning Canadians about the threat of “Sikh extremism.”

    Thousands of Montreal Canadiene fans can go running around the city, burning, looting and can act out of control and this is labeled as a “natural” reaction to a victory in a hockey game by the media and politicians. A bomb was planted at a Royal Canadian Bank and this was seen as a “protest” against the G-20 summit. Someone on a radio show said that it’s probably better that Dosanjh is not invited to the Vaisaikhi parade because the Sikh community doesn’t really like him, and this one THING THAT SOMEONE said was BLOWN WAY OUT OF proportion and it was given so much media attention and Sikhs were instantly portrayed as extremists.

    The Canadian Media definitely has DOUBLE STANDARDS!!
    and ewww lol, I would be too embarrassed to ever be a picture with such a corrupt man like Badal. Every Punjabi person knows that Badal is a very corrupt man who use to be a simple farmer and once he got into politics he all of a sudden became a multi-millionaire and owns property all over the world and in Punjab and he has bought so many Punjabi companies as well.

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