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UPDATE: Online version of the article has also been amended!

The Sikh community and activists have succeeded in one of many struggles in the effort to Save Bhullar from judicial murder in India.  The Toronto Star has removed the word “Sikh Terrorist” from the printed version of its story on Professor Bhullar.

After holding a rally in Toronto with hundreds of participants, the Sikh community was stunned when an article was published online by the The Toronto Star titled “Wife lobbies to save convicted Sikh terrorist“.

Concerned about the implications of a such term for the community at large, the Sikh youth immediately mobilized an email campaign.  Hours before the article went to print hundreds sent emails asking The Star to reconsider their title before it was distributed to thousands the following day.

In an amazing show of solidarity, in just a matter of minutes, Twitter and Facebook were swarmed with status updates to take action. In an inspiring and unprecedented effort was shown by Sikh youth nation wide.

A congratulations is due for all those participated, we encourage you stay involved as we continue to the campaign to save an innocent man from death.

Save Bhullar!


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  1. MISS KAUR June 13, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    I think Canadians should look at the legal system in India, there are so many flaws in it, also, India is a very corrupt nation, one of the most corrupt in the world, this is not something i or others make up, these are facts, so the Indian consultants can obviously say India is a democracy where law is followed, well of course their going to say that, that’s their job, that’s what they get paid for, but the reality of India is totally different from a “real” functioning democracy where the rule of law is followed, unfortunately, the law-makers such as politicians and the police, are USUALLY the law BREAKERS and BHULLAR is innocent, one judge in India was even brave enough to say that there is absolutely no real evidence to convict bhullar and he should have been freed a long time ago, but India as we all know, is corrupt and we must educate the ENTIRE world about how corrupt it is and how they easily kill innocent people in the name of national security….

    also, bribery in india is a NORM, sadly, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some judges are given money or some police officers are given money to arrest and convict the INNOCENT, evil evil india, also, if any non-Sikhs out there are reading this, do you know about the JESSIE case?…the innocent girl from British Columbia who was murdered in Punjab…well, her innocent husband was put in jail in a false case, watch the documentary on CBC, it sort of shows how due to the fact that there is so much corruption in india, innocent people and victims can easily be thrown into jail, and BHULLAR was NOT A TERRORIST, HE WAS A VICTIM, HIS FATHER AND UNCLE WERE MURDERED, AS WELL AS A FRIEND OF HIS (BY THE POLICE), HIS FAMILY WAS HARASSED BY INDIAN SECURITY FORCES AND THE POLICE FOR MANY YEARS AND UNTIL THIS DAY HIS FAMILY STILL SUFFERS!!…HE WENT TO GERMANY SO HE COULD SURVIVE AND GET ON WITH HIS LIFE

  2. Gurpreet Singh June 14, 2011 at 1:36 am

    Well, I just wanna say that when the Consulate General of India said, “India is a democracy where rule of law prevails. India’s independent judiciary ensures that the rights of the individual guaranteed by constitution are protected.” After this single quote, it makes me think of 1984. I know that I’m kind of changing subject but where was the law then? Where were the individual guarantees and rights that are PROMISED by India’s law? Until now I have never heard or seen any government official of India, who were directing the riots, get punished even if the evidence was very strong. 1984 riot survivors did say that they SAW the people who were directing and leading the riots but because of their “rank” or “status” they were never even brought to court. All this to say that, against Mr. Bhullar there was no strong evidence but he still suffered in jail and on the other hand, where there was evidence, culprits were never brought to justice.

  3. deep kaur June 14, 2011 at 2:08 am

    a really good video please watch this :)

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