Sikh Activist Internship Program

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Sikh Activist Internship Program


This fall the Sikh Activist Network will be taking applications for 9 internship positions in various areas for a 4 week period. This internship program will allow applicants to get volunteer experience in diverse fields in the area of social justice and peace. Interns will work along side with professionals from a variety of fields and help network with different human rights, political, and community organizations. This unique experience will be sure to be one of a kind.The Sikh activist network will take applications for the following areas.

  • Design/media
  • Promotion
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Research Associate
  • Stage/Venue
  • Speakers Coordinator
  • Fundraising Associate
  • Project Coordinator

For more information please read the job descriptions posted below. To apply please send your resume and a brief explanation of why you are interested in this area to The deadline for applications is October 24, 2012.



The Design and Media Intern will be responsible for creating a promotional short film for, “Tears and Ashes”, radio advertisements, along with branding the posters and rave cards. Interns in this field will work alongside innovative design professionals who have created branding for small business, political parties, and local artists.


This intern is responsible for promoting “Tear and Ashes” through radio, television, local events, and more. The promotions intern will be tasked with contacting different media programs, scheduling interviews, and speaking on behalf of the “Sikh Activist Network” for interviews, events and more. Fluency in Punjabi, and an outgoing personality are a must.

Volunteer Coordinator

“Tears and Ashes” engages hundreds of volunteers from across the GTA. This intern will work to organize volunteers for “Tears and Ashes” to help engage and assist in the variety of aspects of the show. Volunteer coordinators will be responsible for conducting orientation meetings for volunteers , organizing volunteers and more. Our volunteer coordinator intern will need to be comfortable handling large groups of volunteers. Furthermore, the volunteer coordinator needs to have a friendly personality that can inspire passion from our young volunteers.

Research Associate

The Research Associate will work alongside academics, Master’s students, PhD candidates, lawyers and others to help research the theme and message of “Tears and Ashes”. Our research associate will need to have a passion for writing. They will need exceptional researching skills in both historical and contemporary events. Additionally, proper grammar and writing skills are a must as the research associate will be responsible for creating a comprehensive content package.

Stage and Venue Coordinator

The Stage and Venue Coordinator will organize the layout for Tears and Ashes. They will set up art displays, different organizations tabling and use their creative skills to create the environment of 1984 and tears and ashes. Our stage and venue coordinator will need to have exceptional time management skills. Additionally, the will be responsible for the stage and venue flow for tears and ashes. They need to be detail oriented and have exceptional communication skills.

Speaker Coordinator

Our speaker intern will be responsible for acquiring various speakers for Tears and Ashes. They will be tasked with coordinating with different human rights groups like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and more to find suitable speakers for Tears and ashes. They will also need to be comfortable reaching out to various other communities to seek for more speakers. Furthermore, they would need to have an outgoing personality that is able to deal with multiple tasks at once.

Fundraising Associate

The fundraising associate will need to be good with math and numbers. They will be responsible for budgeting and ensuring all other working groups stay on budget. Moreover, they will be responsible for creating a fundraising package. They will need to be able to contact various members of the community and be responsible for heading up a fundraising campaign for a large project. Knowledge of Punjabi is an asset.

Project Coordinator

The project coordinator will be need exceptional time management skills. They will need to be able to help with task management for the entire project. They will need to be familiar with MS Word and Excel. They will need to be punctual and have great communication skills. The right project coordinator will need to be able to step back and see the bigger picture.

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    Waheguru Fateh

    I am intersted in intern positions…but just wondering where the positions are based? By the way I dwell in Melbourne.

    Chardi Kala!!

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