Glut – Documentary, Propaganda or Both?

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The following is an opinion piece submitted by a guest writer.

I recognize that the substance abuse problem in Punjab is very real, it is something which is threatening and killing the people of Punjab. Glut is a short film documenting the drug and alcohol epidemic in Punjab. The film was created by N7films, a Mumbai based group which made this video as, “A non commercial student effort”. N7films must be either amazing connected or have very deep pockets since they are able to travel from Mumbai to Punjab to create a 30 min film that features Bollywood actors, an editor of a national magazine, political MP’s, a United Nations representative, and more. This video is also filmed with high quality cameras that are by no means low end. This film examines the substance abuse problem of Punjab, looking at the issue from the drug dealer to the government.

As I watched this film I began to question its perspective and analysis. My examination of this film presented me with many issues which brought into question the integrity of this film and its intentions. There exists a clear political bias in this film, begging the question of whether Gult was created to bring awareness to the plight of Punjab, or rather to push the agenda of a specific political party.

Firstly, I found the film’s choice of speakers questionable. The video features two main speakers, the first is an actor/activist, Rahul Bose. A quick wikipedia search presents his activist work- none of it which deals with the Punjabi substance abuse epidemic. Throughout the video he provides commentary and opinions on the Punjab drug/alcohol problem yet never sources any of his information.

The second main speaker is, Vijay Simha, Editor-at-Large for Tehelka, an Indian Weekly Magazine. He speaks from Delhi, and all his experience in regards to drugs pertain to his life in Delhi. Similarly to Rahul Bose, he provide opinions and reasons for the Punjab substance problem but never sources his information. His status as editor of a national magazine does not qualify him as an expert of the Punjab drug problem.

Both speakers have no credentials pertaining to drugs, enforcement, socio- economic situation of Punjab, development, etc. – yet they provide many “expert” opinions on the reasons and cause of drug/substance abuse problems in Punjab.

Secondly the documentary puts the majority of the blame of the Punjab substance problem on the state government. I agree that the current SAD/BJP state government is corrupt , oppresses and exploits Punjab thorough a vareity of levels (drug, farmer exploitation, alcohol, etc). Yet I also believe that many of the problems faced in Punjab today, including the substance abuse epidemic, are a result of the economic fallout following the green revolution, the effects of genocide on the Punjabi people, and the Central Government policies which bankrupt and place Punjabi farmers in poverty. On the last point I refer specifically to the Central government’s purchase of Punjabi produce and grain at unfair prices, the economic coercion they place on Punjabi farmers to grow environmentally unsustainable crops (rice), and the Central government’s control of Punjabi water.

This video makes no reference to any State genocide/attack/oppression in Punjab, but continually refers to “Sikh insurgency” as one of the “Great hurdles” that the Punjabi people have overcome. Sikh insurgency was not a hurdle that was overcome- but instead a community based movement that was quashed through draconian and heavy handed tactics employed by the Congress party. This genocide has damaged the pysche of our community, crippled us economically, destroyed families, and more. Many argue that the impact of decades of genocide and suppression of the Sikh people has driven many Punjabis to a life of drugs and alcohol, fuelling the current substance abuse epidemic in Punjab.

This brings me to my third critique of this video. It clearly has a bias in support of the Congress party. The video interviews Ravneet Singh Bittu, MP and president of Punjab youth congress. Bittu emphasizes the failures of the Punjab state in fighting the drug problem by allowing the influx of drugs in Punjab due to poor border control. I agree that the current government in Punjab is more than complacent in regards to the substance abuse problem, but Bittu also makes reference to the greater resources available in the Central government to tackle the drug issue. This point I find ludicrous since the border security force- which is failing to police the drug problem in Punjab- is under Central government control.

Bittu asserts that the drug problem in Punjab results from Pakistan’s efforts to break down the “first line of defence” for India, Punjab. He places all the blame on state government and Pakistan, while presenting the Central Government’s as a benign entity. Bittu’s point is false, and out of touch with the history of Punjab. Since the creation of India, it has been the Central government which has continually worked to break down Punjab. This is apparent through the oppressive economic polices it places on Punjab and its continual acts of terror against the Punjabi people. The Central Government invaded and killed thousands of Sikhs in June 1984, and supported a campaign of disappearances and killings in Punjab that took the lives of thousands.

The drug problem in Punjab is growing. Based on my interactions with fellow Sikhs and Punjabis, whenever the drug problem in Punjab is mentioned, traditionally people have placed the blame both on the Punjab state government, along with the Central Government. I believe that this video is trying to exploit the Punjab drug problem and shift people’s focus away from the central government (and the congress party) and present the Punjab state government and Pakistan as the sole root of this problem plaguing Punjab.

This video tells only a half truth. It correctly identifies the many socio-economic problems (poverty, lack of jobs, eduction, etc) which influence drug abuse. It also correctly identifies the Punjab State as enabling and creating an environment for the drug/substance abuse problem to flourish. Yet the documentary fails to present any influence that the Central government and the congress party has on the substance abuse problem in Punjabi. The Central government planted the seeds of substance abuse in Punjab in its genocide upon the Sikh people, through its unfair policies towards Punjabi farmers, and through its promotion of the green revolution, which had disastrous effects on the Punjabi people.

This video indicts only some of perpetrators of the substance abuse epidemic in Punjab, while keeping the hands of the major player, the Central Government, clean.

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  1. Singh February 19, 2011 at 3:03 am

    Where can I view this video?

  2. admin February 19, 2011 at 7:39 am

    Refresh the page and it should show up at the top of this post.

  3. pAnjAB February 19, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    I acknowledge the critic made from the third prospective,which blames the central government equally responsible for the issues on hand in Punjab.
    But the question which arise to me is SO WHAT?

    You typically tried to put up the issues as a critic, who is rather than creating a awareness, is trying to embark his grab on the history by amplying the past moments like 1984 to divert the audience from the current issues, towards the world of his own biasness.

    This is the not a problem of an individual but the problem of the society, where people who are acute minded and over-educated are just willing to argue on every thing, without willing to invest them self in finding the solution and their active contribution, towards the problem.

    I spent my five years of education in Amritsar and I am well aware of the situation,with some real inside stories from Narcotics department(heard from one of my classmate, whose father is on a commanding position in Narcotics)
    I was born and brought up in one of the smallest village in Punjab and is also aware of the every situation(farmers crisis/education/drugs/illegal pharmacies) but one thing I am trying to think about all the time is THEN WHAT?

    I would encourage the youth to come up in invest in some debate about



  4. JantaJ February 20, 2011 at 1:13 am

    Just watched this documentary, brilliantly made first of all. Thanks for posting this up. You criticize Rahul Bose & Vijay Simha as not being relevant enough to offer an expert opinion on the matter. However, you have not even listed a name for yourself and just appear as “The following is an opinion piece submitted by a GUEST WRITER”, what makes your opinion more credible? Furthermore, you talk about the Indian governments “continual terror attacks” on the people of Punjab yet you go on to list only one and the most well-known occurrence. There’s a problem, there’s no point in trying to play the blame game, but instead, work towards some sort of solution before the problem gets out of hand.

  5. MISS KAUR February 20, 2011 at 5:00 am

    jantaj and PANJAB…

    When you want to oppress a community and make sure that the youth never protest like how they did during the 1970s and 1980s for political, social, and economical changes in Punjab, you give the KIDS DRUGS! Just like the American government doesn’t care about drugs in the ghetto or Canadian government doesn’t care about drugs in Native communities…Indian Government is responsible for the drug problem in is a CORRUPT state, the central government could careless if Punjabis are destroying themselves, it just means that they will never be a threat for some real change because they are harming themselves.

    Destroy the language, destroy the culture, don’t create jobs, don’t change any rules to benefit Punjabis, still central government does not industrialize Punjab, destroy the religion (the ridiculous amounts of dera’s supported by the state and central government…false pathways which guru Nanak criticized long before), pay farmers nothing for their hard work, cause poverty, continuously lie to people, create an illusion and make people feel helpless (how would you feel if you lived in a country and saw dogs like kamal nath and KPS gill being rewarded and given high positions when they should be rotting in jail due to the pain and suffering they caused?) … also, there are so many agents and illtelligensia in Punjab and they screwed up so many things in the past, many Sikh institutions no longer exist like the dadami taksal and the siri akal takht sahib, these places have been hijacked by a bunch of fake Sikhs….

    also..i agree that rahul bose is no expert on the issues in Punjab, why don’t they collectively ask the drug users how they feel, does anyone ever wonder why they do drugs? main reasons are poverty, depression, economical, lack of education, harsh realities in Punjab (especially in the pinds), etc…these poor youth have nothing to rely on, their culture, values, religion, etc., has been destroyed by so called “Sikhs” like badal and the central government of india, the congress party…also, ravneet singh bittu? isn’t this the same guy who propagated Sikh youth as these crazy militants just because they believe sant jarnail singh bhinranwale was one of the greatest sikh heros?

    does rhaul bose know this?

    does vijay simha know this?

    if you don’t know our history and all the pain and suffering the central government has caused to the people of Punjab, and im not just talking about what happened due to congress and Indira gandhi, I’m talking about the destruction of culture, religion, language and no economic or industrial development in Punjab, then YOU are not an expert on the pains of Sikhs in Punjab…

    why are all the youth so desperate to go abroad? because they simply LOST all HOPE that they ever had…in their hearts they know india is a big piece of SHIT and it is not a real democracy…they probably hate bollywood and how they portray punjabis always happy and doing bhangra when that is clearly not the case in present punjab or i dont know when that ever was but my point is that these poor youth addicted to drugs are the ones who get left behind, they might not be able to afford to go outside anywhere, they might be victims of abuse and neglect and are depressed because they have no jobs and no real culture and feel confused living in such a harsh world..i feel so bad for them, and worse of all, politcs are so corrupt, the police are so corrupt, and so is the central government…

    for god-sake, I’ve even heard about so many cases of where the Punjab police go to work and do drugs and are drunk..

    the drug problem affects everyone because when someone in your household is an addict, it effects the whole family and when over half of the youth in a state are addicted to drugs then it definitely effects the entire community and the state and if you think this problem should be blamed on a few individuals at the state level then you are simply a MORON…because the central government in India has so much power over everything and they definitely benefit from these youth being on drugs, its a silent genocide

    BTW.. Indian government is so QUICK to catch “militants” from Pakistan and kill them in Kashmir and has one of the worlds largest military and spends BILLIONS of dollars on the military, do you really want me to believe that India doesn’t have the means to protect and secure the Punjab border like how it SHOULD BE?…it’s not even that big, especially when you compare it to Canada and the US…how is it possible for the two Punjabs (pak and india) to be one of the largest trading points for drugs? how could you not even be a little suspicious that the central government of India is involved? if corruption exists in almost all levels of Indian society, why all of a sudden are some people getting upset when one blames the central government for the drug problem? the drugs come from Afghanistan, go through Pakistan and into India, Afghanistan and Pakistan are two countries that pretty much have no real government, and India takes advantage of these failed states, even though in my opinion India has failed its people as well but at the end of the day it has more economic power and its a much bigger place by population

  6. Prabhjot Singh February 20, 2011 at 6:40 am

    Firstly, I agree with the video that the drug problem in Punjab is very serious and must be taken care of.

    But there are some things in the documentary that I don’t agree with and I feel are biased. I don’t know if this is propaganda using a very delicate issue or just bias of the maker of the documentary.

    Now just because the main issue in this documentary is the drug problem doesn’t mean that we should disregard the bias/political propaganda being pushed.

    You say that instead of criticizing the video, the writer should do something to tackle the problem, yet ironically you are criticizing his critique.

    Now I don’t want to turn this into a circle jerk of who’s criticizing who, but I will list some of the disagreements I have with some of the things mentioned in the video. As for the issue on the drug problem, I completely agree with it.

    1. In the beginning of the video, it is mentioned that the drug problem has started in the last four years. This clearly implies to the SAD party who have been in power during that time period, implying that the drug problems started since the SAD came to power.

    2. The video mentions that 3/4 of the youth in Punjab are addicted to drugs. They give no source for that stat but later in the video say 3/4 of the youth surveyed had admitted to using drugs at least once. If this was indeed true, then that would me 3/4 youths I know in Punjab would be addicted to drugs. I know many and yet only a small fraction make up those who are addicted. BY DISAGREEING WITH THIS ARGUMENT I AM NOT SAYING THAT THE DRUG PROBLEM IN NON-EXISTENTIAL!

    3. The video also mentions that during the night time, most of the traffic goes to Delhi after stating that the drugs cross the border from Pakistan into Punjab and head to Delhi for distribution. This implies that most of the drivers going to Delhi at night are drug traffickers. I find this hard to believe because if it indeed was true then many of them would have been caught. I can’t recall how many times I have gotten pulled over going to Delhi from Punjab and having my vehicle searched. Delhi is the Indian capital so it would not be unusual for the traffic at night to be mostly headed towards Delhi. If it was some place like Tamil Nadu, then that would just be a whole different story.

    4. Ravneet Singh Bittu, a Congress MP, an up and coming star for the party who happens to be the Youth President of the Congress Party in Punjab is the only politician they found? One whose expertise on the drug issue is that the drug addiction in Punjab is a conspiracy by the Pakistani government trying to weaken the first defense of India, the youth in Punjab. Seriously? I thought that was the army’s job. Mr. Bittu is just being a typical Congress politician. This just further leads me to believe that this is just propaganda, a Red Herring fallacy.

    You say that the anonymous writer should stop playing the blame game but Mr. Bittu is playing the blame game himself in the documentary rather than trying to tackle the issue. I certainly don’t think Mr. Bittu is fit for handling this situation and wonder why they chose to put his interview up in the documentary.

    Once again, even though I am critical of this documentary, that does not mean that I don’t agree with the real issue. The drug addiction problem is Punjab is very real and needs to be better tackled.

    I think educating the people is very crucial, similar to the drug treatment programs in most developed countries, like in the U.S. They need to establish program similar to AA support groups.

    I disagree that the lack of family support will prevent the person from being treated. It varies from person to person but the lack of family support can actually be a reason to why someone would want to get clean. I volunteered in a drug treatment facility and learned that a lot of the patients want to get clean because their drug addiction destroyed their relationship with their family and friends.

    Later in the video, Dr. JPS Bhatia says that people should be drug tested in order to get married, just like they get drug tested to go abroad. I disagree with this because this really doesn’t prevent the drug abuse. I don’t think someone who is about to start drugs is going to think about their possible future marital status, if they really didn’t care for the other consequences they might face, marriage certainly will not make a big difference. And besides, can you imagine someone who is about to get married and has his marriage called off and puts the family and himself in shame due to a drug test? That would put the person in a very depressing state and thus give him yet another reason to take drugs. It is just counter-productive.

    Punjabis need to be better educated on drugs and alcohol. Distilling/desi daru which is illegal is a big issue. It was also stated in the documentary that illegal distilling causes many other effects like cancer from the equipment used. How about they sell distilling equipment and educate people on distilling properly? Educate them on diluting it to 80 proof and educate them on how the alcohol affects them, when it is too much, what amount becomes too dangerous. This is all to prevent them from ABUSING the drug, not preventing them from using it (alcohol specifically).

    As for the people who are already abusing drugs, as I mentioned before, they need to have support groups like AA and all the other resources that are available in other countries which show a great number of success in drug treatment.

  7. Ajj Kaim Singh February 24, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    Please can Punjabi diaspora ever think past 1984!

    The Punjab where I have lived for 26 years is dying and all you can do is talk about 84! It is not just few of you here, this is the case with any Punjabi newspaper which somehow is incomplete if they do not mention 1984.

    Please can we get into a constructive discussion about how we can get rid of the drug/alcohol addiction in Punjab?

    -Ajj Kaim Singh

  8. Aman February 25, 2011 at 2:31 am

    The drug problem has been in Punjab for more then 4 years as indicated in the video. Drug problem has been there since the early 1990′s. This is all done by the Indian Government.

    Punjab government needs to implement regulations and policies to prevent/reduce/remove these problems. Punjab police need to start doing their job. If drug trafficking is increasing as per the video then the punjab government needs to increase policing and develop ways to catch the individuals behind all this.
    As per the Video if this is happening at the border then security should be increased at the border.
    India wants Punjab demolished one way or another. Parents should teach their child history so they are aware. Punjab schools need more funding and better education for children to succeed.


  9. Aman February 25, 2011 at 3:43 am

    This video is mostly biased and propaganda.

  10. GuruKirpaNaal February 25, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    I think it was amazing to see that Indians and Pakistanis have always had conflicts between themselves; however, they took the time to come in and work together for the world’s biggest devil; drugs!!!

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    ~ Simran Kaur

  11. MISS KAUR February 27, 2011 at 4:19 am

    forget 1984? stop mentioning it? ummm hello 1984 is the most obvious example of the Indian government trying to kill sikhs…

    i think your disillusioned living in India, i also think you don’t understand how cultures, societies, history and morality can be destroyed by dirty politics even though u lived in one of the most brutal countries…the problem is that you become desensitized with reality, you begin to think its “normal” for killings to happen and NO POLITICIAN or POLICE OFFICER or ARMY officer (who were responsible) ever get any sort of punishment.

    you think drugs is a problem? yes of course its a problem and its a huge problem that is related to much bigger things such as the INDIAN GOVERNMENT’S EVIL WILL to DESTROY PUNJAB…first they sent the army, then they used Punjabi police officers and goons from other parts of India to destroy Sikhs, and now their USING illegal substances like DRUGS and purposely ignoring the issue and allowing it to grow so big that so many youth have become addicted and they have no real help, no facilities, no proper hospitals, no proper rehab centers, EVERYTHING relates so don’t tell me or others in the Punjabi Diaspora to look past 1984…Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale influenced so many youth in Punjab to stop doing drugs and to follow a more truthful and noble path and to become gursikhs..the government saw this as a THREAT..because these youth and many other Punjabis started realizing that they did not have the same political, social, cultural, historical, religious, etc., rights as upper-caste Hindus and other states in India..for instance, 2 or 3 hindus would die, the culprits would be punished and polticians would come visit the victims…200-300 Sikh youth are killed (during sant Bhindranwale’s time) and there was NO JUSTICE..sikhs could have been illegally detained and searched just for being a sikh, and this did not happen to Hindus so there was some obvious discrimination going on in India, the worlds so called “largest democracy”…a democracy my A**!

    everything relates..stop telling us what we in the “DIASPORA” should talk about..

    btw…the average youth in the DIASPORA is smarter than the average youth in punjab or india, especially when it comes to the social sciences…and i dont care if indians are crazy little math nerds or science nerds…anyone can keep reading something and remembering it if you try really hard (and if your teacher beats you with a ruler, like how they do in india) but wisdom and charisma and experience living in a much more REAL democracy helps us understand whats right and not saying people in india are evil and cant tell difference between right and wrong, im just trying to say that indians become much more desensitized to issues because they grow up around violence and injustice, which is quite common that they begin to think theres no hope, whatever who cares, this is all normal and lets get on with our lives…so its not all your fault but this is also no excuse to shut your eyes to reality, the gurus WOKE people up in Punjab and influenced them and told them you don’t have to be like sheeps and let mughal foreigners forcefully convert you and control you and you don’t have to treat the lower caste like shit just because they were born into a generation that has been oppressed…..

    wake up PEOPLE! know your history and educate yourselves!

    i wasnt even born in 84 but as long as i live, i’ll never forget that the worlds ugliest army invaded such beautiful places (siri harmandir sahib and other gurdwaras) and viscously murdered so many innocent people and some brave saint soldiers who were trying to defend their faith, their right, and their people!

    at the end, those brave saint soldiers got portrayed by the government as terrorists and evil doers but true sikhs all know that this was all government propaganda so they could justify their cruel actions!

  12. Truth March 3, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    Mrs. Kaur – you do far more damage for your cause than help it. Leave the defence of Khalistan for those if your camp who can think rationally.

    Question: What is one of the largest drug producers in the world?
    Answer: Afghanistan.

    Question: How do you get drugs from Afghanistan to India?
    Answer: Through Pakistan

    Question: What is the largest province in Pakistan and India that shares a border?
    Answer: Ding Ding Ding – PUNJAB!!!

    If you think for one second that Drugs are not flowing through Pakistan then you do not understand the history of the Drug trade in Asia. In fact – drugs have been used in Punjab for hundreds and hundres of years before the formation of India and it’s central government. It’s called the Opium trade which began in China in many many years ago.

    The bottom line is that organized crime syndicates have used Punjab as a gateway to smuggle drugs into India for a very long time and this should not be news to anyone.

  13. Truth March 3, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    FYI – the drugs that are being used in Punjab are Opiates and Marijuana.

    Opium which is a derivitive of the Poppy is produced by Afghanistan. It is the largest export for the entire country in fact. So where do you think all of this opium is coming from my friends?

    Afghanistan -> Pakistan -> Punjab -> Rest of India.

    Whoever said that Sikhs need to move beyond 1984 – BRAVO! Focus on the problems right now and try to solve them without referencing 1984 into every issue, it’s not productive. How long can you really use this as a scapegoat? Other religions and communities have undergone similar situations and have progressed like the Jew’s and Ismaili’s. They have flourished as a community and Sikhs need to learn from their example.

  14. MISS KAUR March 4, 2011 at 3:26 am

    hi truth ding ding ding lol…if you want to argue against me and call me irrational or whatever it may my comments because you make yourself look like an idiot if you don’t read everything…

    do u think i thought that drugs just fall from the sky?
    “BTW.. Indian government is so QUICK to catch “militants” from Pakistan and kill them in Kashmir and has one of the worlds largest military and spends BILLIONS of dollars on the military, do you really want me to believe that India doesn’t have the means to protect and secure the Punjab border like how it SHOULD BE?…it’s not even that big, especially when you compare it to Canada and the US…how is it possible for the two Punjabs (pak and india) to be one of the largest trading points for drugs? how could you not even be a little suspicious that the central government of India is involved? if corruption exists in almost all levels of Indian society, why all of a sudden are some people getting upset when one blames the central government for the drug problem? the drugs come from Afghanistan, go through Pakistan and into India, Afghanistan and Pakistan are two countries that pretty much have no real government, and India takes advantage of these failed states, even though in my opinion India has failed its people as well but at the end of the day it has more economic power and its a much bigger place by population”

    history always affects the presence so stop telling people to forget their history and technically the insurgency in Punjab wasn’t even THAT long ago…India has only been a COUNTRY since 1947 and literally the colonial power left and gave power to a few individuals…those individuals like Nehru lied, manipulated and convinced many rajas or kings to join “India” and when India became a “country” overnight, for Sikhs, it was perhaps the biggest slap in the face considering how they were treated. Sikhs made so many sacrifices and were only a very SMALL portion of the total population but the hard work didn’t matter because their language, their resources, their culture, rights, etc being destroyed…and after JUNE 1984 was when the demand for khalistan actually gained some momentum…it wasn’t until the army invaded the siri harmandir sahib and other parts of Punjab that some Sikhs really woke up and basically realized reality

  15. . March 5, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    A lot of prescription drugs (pain killers, cough and cold medicines) have an abuse potential, and this nuisance is also on rise in Punjab. Rather, people usually start with these kind of drugs before graduating to other high-end intoxicating agents.
    These medicines are freely sold over-the-counter without any formal prescription. It’s common to spot these shady chemist shops in the rural areas where the sole business is to procure these medicines to the addicts. These shops openly flout rules, most of them registered under someone else’s licence who may not be the owner of the shop (well… some corrupt pharmacists make big money by allowing shop owners to use their name!).
    Few corrupt people in the Health dept. allows this to continue, and rest of the officials are either too lazy, or are plain insensitive to these difficult issues. No one wants to be the first one to get their hands dirty.

    Drug-addiction is as much about these greedy people wanting to make easy money at the expense of people’s health. We do have laws to curb such practices, but who is responsible for their implementation…state govt. or central govt.?


  16. Mrs NKK March 9, 2011 at 2:40 am

    Miss Kaur….why are you so full of hate…why not go and live in India, and rant there…..

    -A well made doc, highlighting the drug problems infesting the state.
    -Well done Bittu, a politician who is extremely respected for doing something to help the people
    -Are the Badals doing jack? I think not…money laundering is their profession
    -1984 -tragic, pitiful, and heinous if elements of govt. involved, totally unacceptable, invasion of Harmandar Sahib.
    -Moving on, when will Sikhs unite and speak as one, instead of fighting with one another..?
    -Fact, there was one leader who was bringing economic prosperity to Punjab in 1993…a noble soul, a TRUE SIKH.Punjab had so many up and coming projects happening, and even a new city like Chandigarh called Ranjit Nagar(after our maharaja)was being planned IN PUNJAB NOT UT.However he had to deal with a rise of a terrorist movement in Punjab for Khalistan…He who was fighting for more prosperity to the Sikhs IN PUNJAB, was assassinated and the rogue Sikhs hailed it….yet not the Sikhs in Punjab…today he is missed by the punjabis in punjab…S. Beant Singh, ex CM and Bittu is following in his footsteps….reports from Punjab….People are so amazed by him…..Shame to the Badals, and their followers…they are putting a bad name on Sikhs…

  17. MISS KAUR March 9, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    lol how am I FULL OF hate?

    India is one of the most discriminatory country’s in the world.

    Thousands and thousands of Sikhs killed no justice.

    Beant Singh supported KPS Gill, a mass murderer and Beant Singh did not care if Sikhs were being tortured and killed. Bittu is putting a good name on Sikhs? He is a supporter of the Congress, the SAME party that was responsible for killing THOUSANDS of Sikhs.

    I will admit that I am full of hate for people who are mass murderers and have no morals and ethics like Beant Singh, KPS Gill, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Bhajan Lal, Kamal Nath, Jagdish Tytler, the Badals who are so corrupt, etc. etc.

    Mrs NNN whoever you are, I just think you can never look deep inside and admit the truth, that India is a failed state. I don’t care about how many call centers and high rise buildings are appearing in India, at the end of the day, it does not benefit the WHOLE society, only less then 1% of the population.

    Justice is something India LACKS!

  18. Truth March 16, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Mrs Kaur – tell me 1 country on this planet that doesn’t face that issues you only hold India accountable for such as corruption, discrimination, certain injustices etc.? Tell me one country that you hold in high regard otherwise you are a hypocrit and are a product of a biased mentality.

    Look at the United States which allowed Slavery at one point in time, Canada that cleansed the Aboriginals, France which is banning all religious symbols including our beloved turban or Germany and Greece for treating Turkish migrants as second class citizens, Israel and it’s treatment of Palestinian’s, The United Arab Emirates who treat other Muslims not from the region as impure, Pakistan for clamping down on minority rights against Christians, Hindu’s and Sikhs or China which is eradicating Tibet and the Buddhist way of life.

    Every country in the world faces these problems including the most developed nations in the West yet you only seem to harbor hatred for India without looking at any of the positives within this nation. Every country, even your hypothetical Khalistan would face these issues because humanity in inherently flawed – we are not perfect beings. Instead of trying to be apart of a solution to better India and the Punjab provice, you will only spew hatred and attempt to divide a surging secular country.

    The bottom line is that India is in it’s infancy and the progress it has been since being raped by the British only 50 years ago to becoming a world power only indicates it has obtained plenty of success. I don’t even think you know what the definition of a failed state is – why don’t you google it and educate yourself for once because you are using it in the incorrect context.

    Yes – India has it’s problems but that does not it cannot improve. So – why don’t you tell 1 country that doesn’t suffer the same problems as India and then maybe I will take you seriously. Until then – you’re just a brat who has no clue what their talking about.

  19. MISS KAUR March 17, 2011 at 2:53 am

    i hate having these conversations where you compare apples and oranges…

    the AMOUNT OF people who suffer in just ONE NATION (India) does not compare to any other in the world, yes i know theres no such thing as a perfect country but in today’s modern world, how many countries have millions of street kids? How many countries have over 500 million people who BARELY make anything, who are pretty much like slaves. Modern day slavery exists in India, there are hundreds of millions of children who don;t have access to their basic needs and the government does not try enough, it is WAY to corrupt, yes corruption exists in many places but not to the EXTENT in India, even recently some “officials” in India discovered that some pilots for air India were flying planes and they weren’t even licensed to do so…..the caste system in india existed before the british invaders and you cannot blame the british for all of indias poverty because when nehru took over, all he cared about was pleasing the brahmin hindus and travelling the world and having vacations in Kashmir and basically having the power to do whatever he wanted… also, gender issues existed long before the british so the discrimination towards women such as dowry deaths, etc., cannot be blamed on the british….

    furthermore, India is not a “super power”, lol, look at Bombay, half the city is booming while half of it lives in Slums. India spends so much money on its army and apparently has 500 000 soldiers occupying Kashmir, why don’t they spend some money on developing the very poor regions or to giving people some hope for a better life because in India, too many voices are usually silenced because people lose hope, india is so pathetic that in 50 years there hasnt been much of a revolution because the level of poverty and mentality of the people has become so low that people have basically lost all hope, imagining a better “india” for them is unbelievable, they just accept their place in society and move on…

    look at the sikhs from haryana, the police were involved, government officials were involved and ordinary people were the ones who did most of the killing, these poor folks were DENIED justice and the ones who were suppose to help them get justice and collect evidence were the ones supporting the murderers, what hopE can these people have? 26 years and over 20 000 Sikhs killed in northern india, has any congress politicians ever went to jail….also, just because IN THE PAST, aboriginals were killed, it DOES NOT JUSTIFY the behavior of today’s society or any modern nations, and yes slavery existed in the USA but slavery has ALWAYS EXISTED in india AND IT STILL DOES EXIST, what about all those “nokars”? chamars and chooray, some chamars from Punjab have made it to canada, thank god they dont have to suffer so severely like how they did in india, but what about the rest of the dalits in india? they suffer and make NOTHING.

    and i dont hate “indians”, if i hated indians i wouldnt care about the conditions they live in, why are you attacking me for critizing a failed government? i am sorry if your to weak to admit the truth, admit simple facts that hundrdres of millions of children in india are malnourished? if you cannot feed your children, then according to me, you HAVE FAILED!!


    ive said it before and ill say it again, i dont give a RATS A** if india has some “tall” buildings appearing in places like bombay or delhi, or has a huge army, GIVE THE PEOPLE SOME FOOD TO EAT FOR CRYING OUT LOUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

    the thing about india is that when it was created after decolonization, it was suppose to be a “secular” state that catered to the needs of all its citizens regardless of race, class, gender, religion, etc….now, is this actually reality in india? is there actually EQUALITY between the high caste hindus and the low caste hindus? is there equality between men and women? do minorities like sikhs who sacrificed so much for freedom from the british ever get any justice? how many years is it going to take for justice? and just because one politician goes to jail (if that ever happens) it wouldnt mean every case has been solved because way too many people were involved…india claims to be the WORLDS LARGEST “DEMOCRACY,”
    at least china doesnt claim to be some sort of “angelic” nation like india, china has a communist government and i dont agree with how it treats people who believe in Buddhism but how about how India treated Sikhs in the 1980s?…i think you have heard of the tankman in china…what about the sikhs who came out of their villages around amritsar and stood infront of tanks that were blocking their villages so they couldn’t spread the news of what was going on and they couldnt even peacefully protest?

    if that picture of the tankman did not “secretly” come out to the public by some brave photographer, people in the western world would not have given so much attention to the demonstrations in china… during 1980s, the indian government also had the media banned and if one picture of the TRUTH actually came out, maybe people in india would have seen the situation differently instead of supporting the viscious indira gandhi and the army…

    the actions of one country should never justify the progress of another because every country has problems but some, such as india, just cross a certain line in which one wonders what kind of a fu**en society and country is this? it claims to be one thing, but in reality, it is the complete opposite

  20. Maks March 17, 2011 at 3:25 am

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Is there any way to get this documentary on dvd online or at a store?

  21. Love April 4, 2011 at 7:51 am


    I agree with you, Sikhs have gone through a lot in India ~ and it definitely can not be forgotten. That is our history and it should be remembered so it is not repeated.

    BUT, India is changing and we do need to acknowledge that. We can not disregard the fact that Punjab is a very important part of India, especially today. It is recognized not only in Bollywood (As compared to older movies when a Punjabi was shown as this crazy, almost retarded man.) Plus, Our Prime Minister wears a turban and goes to the Gurudwara (won’t you compare that with Obama being the president of United states ~ isn’t it almost the same thing?)

    Let just understand that we need to tell our coming generations about 1980s not because we want them to know how unreasonable Indian government is but rather so they can decide that its time for Punjabis to have a better life and work at it.

    Lastly, no matter where we live, we can make a difference in Punjab ~ and it doesn’t have to be through the government!

    ~ Actions speak louder than words~ ~What are you DOING to help?~

  22. amit singh April 23, 2011 at 5:19 pm
  23. Jasneet May 11, 2011 at 1:56 am

    Hello everyone,

    This is an amazing compilation of the truth in punjab these days.

    I am actually writing to get some suggestions or help for a delimma that my mother is going through. I am in Australia so cannot directly help her so I thought this would be a good start.

    My mother owns a rehablitation centre in Punjab and as you all might have heard, the government has put some really harsh conditions in order to keep centres running. My mother wants to fight against the conditions of having a doctor, pshycatrist and all other things becase these are not the things that really help recovery. She makes her inmates follow the 12 step of Narcotics Anonymous and she wants to get a word out there that doctors and pshcologists cannot really help addicts. She has had a good success rate of recovery too.

    I agree that the image of rehabs in Punjab is not that good due to most of them ill-treating their patients but just because of that I dont want my mother’s social cause to suffer. She really wants to continue helping youth out there but she needs some help to spread awareness of Narcotics Anonymous program on how it works and helps recovery. She has a genuine keen interest to help people but the government is not being cooperative.

    Anyone out there who can help in anyway, please do! Someone has to stand their ground and do something about it rather than getting scared of the government and giving up.

  24. .. May 17, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    Dear Jasneet:
    I think it will help if you mention what all services does your mom intend to provide. Is she going to admit the patients or she wants to help in their rehabilitation? will the patients be charged? Is she going to provide some kind of medications? Your mom’s qualification? ..etc
    Let us first know about your mom’s social cause in detail, then only we can help.

    But you must understand that drug-addiction is not just a habbit, or just a psychological dependence, BUT it has a very strong element of physiological dependence too. and only a qualified Doctor/Psychiatrist can help the patients.

    So please donot misguide people by saying that Doctors cannot help!


  25. Charan July 27, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Mr Rahul Bose,

    There was no militancy in punjab. It was the roar of lion. If you will enter in lions cave, obviosly lion will roar.

    and bhagat singh also said

    ” Behro ko sunane k liye dhamake ki jaroorat hoti hai”

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