Activist and Seniors Occupy Brampton Conservative Offices

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Photo of Bal Gosals office during occupation.

In a Press Release issued by the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) it is being reported that 2 Brampton Conservative MP Office’s are being occupied by protestors.

A group of pensioners, soon-to-be pensioners, labour activists and supporters, angry at the Harper Government’s announcement that it intends to cut Old Age Security (OAS) benefits, are presently occupying the Constituency Office of Conservative MPs Hon. Bal Gosal and Kyle Seeback in Brampton, Ontario.

The activists are among hundreds of other seniors, retirees, workers and family members who have resorted to holding sit-ins at 1:00 pm today in 21 Ontario Tory constituency offices, to demand that retirees and seniors be elevated out of poverty.

“Our government should be supporting retirees and seniors, not greedy corporations,” said Motilall Sarjoo, President of the Brampton-Mississauga and District Labour Council. “Harper is spending billions to reduce corporate taxes but he refuses to call on these same corporations to invest a fraction of their publicly-subsidized savings in pensioners. Only a minor increase in Canada Pension Plan contributions would double CPP benefits for all retirees and seniors.”

Outraged constituents have resorted to occupying their local constituency offices to demand that Conservative Members of Parliament abandon plans to push back the OAS eligibility age from 65 to 67, or reduce pension benefits. Instead, they are calling for the Harper government to introduce modest increases to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions that would double benefits for all retirees and seniors.

The two Brampton occupations are currently taking place in the following locations:

Hon Bal Gosal   8500 Torbram Road, Unit 44, Brampton   James McDowell   416-587-8809
Kyle Seeback   160 Main Street South, Unit 29, Brampton   James McDowell   416-587-8809


In the press release issued by the OFL, the labour activist are reporting that:

 The Harper government’s recent threat to cut Old Age Security (OAS) benefits has inflamed a new movement of workers and pensioners, calling itself a movement of “Blue-Grey Power,” that is bringing the fight against the Conservative assault on retirement security directly to Tory constituency offices.

“Prime Minister Harper’s hypocrisy is stunning. He chose to announce his plans to cut Old Age Security in front of the one percenters in Davos, Switzerland when he knows full well that if he were to retire in 2015, he would have a Platinum-Plated, taxpayer-funded pension of $223,517 a year,” said OFL President Sid Ryan, from the sit-in taking place in Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s Whitby constituency office.

At 1:00 pm today, outraged pensioners, soon-to-be pensioners and supporters have resorted to constituency office occupations to demand that Conservative Members of Parliament abandon plans to push back the OAS eligibility age from 65 to 67, or make any reductions to benefits. Instead, they are calling for the Harper government to introduce modest increases to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions that would double benefits for all retirees and seniors.

Adding that:

“By cutting Old Age Security, Stephen Harper is attacking the most vulnerable Canadians. The majority of seniors are living on $25,000 a year or less after paying a lifetime of taxes. OAS pensions are what pays for food and rent for seniors living on a fixed-income and it helps the others get by with a little bit of dignity,” said Orville Thacker, President of the Ontario Federation of Union Retirees (OFUR). “We are fed up with a government that seems committed to undermining basic rights and living standards at every turn. First Harper came after women’s rights, then he came after workers’ rights, and now he is coming after seniors’ rights. He’s about to learn the same lesson that seniors taught two Prime Ministers before him: if you touch seniors’ rights, you do so at your peril.”

“There is no excuse for Prime Minister Harper to cut the meagre incomes of pensioners or consign the working poor to two more years of poverty. Nearly every economist and the government’s own Parliamentary Watch Dog, Kevin Page, are forecasting the long-term sustainability of public pensions,” said Ryan. “If Harper thinks that he can take on retirees and seniors in this country without a fight from the labour movement, he is sorely mistaken. Harper has touched the third rail of Canadian politics and in doing so he has unleashed a labour and seniors movement of ‘Blue-Grey Power’ that is prepared to mobilize the public to defend the income security of the retirees of today and tomorrow.”

The Ontario Federation of Labour will be working with seniors groups and retirees to host town hall meetings in Ontario communities to provide an opportunity for the public to voice its opposition to the Conservative cuts to Old Age Security. The OFL represents 54 unions and one million workers in Ontario.


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  1. MISS KAUR February 9, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    wow the people of brampton are really joining forces

    i like that

    next time harper comes to brampton during an election (whenever that is), people should all protest and show him that brampton is a hard working town and they deserve security, benefits and pensions

    also bal gosal’s victory was a fluke, thanks to jagmeet singh competing with malhi, gosal was able to have a swing victory, lol, i still can’t believe gosal is a politician, but at least as an individual he’s better then malhi…i bet the person most surprised that night was mr.gosal himself, although i still believe the ndp candidate deserved to win

  2. SLAPSCAN March 2, 2012 at 12:27 am

    March 1, 2012 – At Risk: Up To 3 Million Seniors Could Be Legislated Into Poverty

    This Federal and Provincial legislation may create the largest single class of poor in Canada’s history.

    Up to 3 million seniors remain at risk of having 50% of their Elderly Benefits cut at source. Those seniors are expected to seek social assistance at provincial and municipal levels to ‘make up’ the 50% gap to pay for food, rent and medical costs or be forced to make hard choices amongst these.

    The same existing laws further cut by half those seniors’ assistance from provinces, cutting that ‘make up half’ in half again. Then again, those same laws further cut by half any municipal assistance. Food banks and faith-based organizations are expected to feel added demands.

    One family lawyer in London, Ontario, said he has clients living in single rooms and living on on cat food. Others in Canada are not so lucky, some succumbing prematurely to disease, others to suicide ( Sen. Ann Cools, speech, Wash. D.C., May 27-2002).

    Surprisingly, 3 million is the number of boomer men who divorced between 1960 and 2012, and they could be at risk of 50% cuts to all forms of retirement benefits by often ignored diversion orders. However, a number of Federal diversion orders may remain false under known family court biases and unethical practices by legal representatives, as reported by a Joint Senate and Parliamentary Committee.

    SLAPSCAN is a new non-profit online community designed to inform and encourage seniors to proactively participate in Canada’s democratic process to help legislators stop the unfairness and mistreatment (Stop Legislated Attacks on Pensioners & Seniors in Canada) For more information, go to


  3. MISS KAUR March 3, 2012 at 8:15 am



    please watch this, support in any way you can

    welcome to the “best state” in india, Punjab

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